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Expression Encoder upload to SharePoint - Authentication Failed

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Hi there.

I am trying to encode a .WMV and upload to SharePoint, the file is rather large so I wanted to compress it. I have read the Expression Encoder is one of best options for this.


I downloaded the .dll for uploading direct to SharePoint on Expression, however I am getting Error 403: Forbidden when I try to authenticate on the site. I am the site collection admin and also the team site owner for this particular site.


Username and password are correct, no typos. I have tried this with other site collection admin accounts and still no luck.


Can somebody help me with this please?

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  • Hi FITZY,

    Thanks for posting here. If you have not tried this sample already, it might be a good place to start and prove that you are able to authenticate to your SharePoint Online tenant.

    After did some research, I found the following help article provide the solution of "403 Forbidden", you can also try to follow the instruction to resolve this issue, for your reference:

    In addition, sometimes the error is temporary, maybe just wait for a while.

    Allen Qiu

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  • Hi FITZY,

    I'm writing to follow up my previous reply. If you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to post back.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Allen, unfortunately neither of these solved my problem. I still cannot authenticate. Furthermore, I have tried to upload the movie I was trying to encode into SharePoint, using both the interface and the Explorer view. Neither of these work and I cannot upload the movie. Please help.

  • Hi FITZY,

    Thanks for getting back, I'd like to confirm the following information:
    1.Make sure your SharePoint site quota is not full. To check it, please add “/_layouts/usage.aspx” to the end of your site.
    2.What size of each video?
    3.The library that you want to upload the movie to, did you create it with the Customer template? If so, except the default column, have you created more columns?

    We want to try our best to reproduce the issue, and research it further.

    I suggest you can also try to upload them to a service like youtube or that will convert them to a browser friendly format and provide the embed code. After doing this, you can embed a video on a page using embed code. The easiest and fastest way is to use an already existing service. For you reference:
    Embed a video on a page using embed code
    Hosting and Embedding Video with SharePoint Online

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi FITZY,

    How are things going on your side? I do not mean to push you. If you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to contact us.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Allen,

    1. Quota is not full

    2. Video is about 230MB

    3. Library is not a custom Library, there are no custom columns. I also tried in another library which wsa a document library, still didn't work.

    I have given up on this and will go to youtube instead and embed the video in SP