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Sharepoint alerts intermittently not sending

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We have a SharePoint Online implementation.  There is an announcments section on our home page that I have users setup an email alert when something changes. This is most oftne when a new announcment is posted.


However, a small percentage of users are not reliably receiving their alerts. Sometimes, they don't receive them for a week even though they might have set them to either send immediately or daily.


I have seen Microsoft knowledge base doc # 2412093 and none of the solutions have resolved this problem.


However it IS intermittent and only for a small number of users so far. At last count only 3 out of 120 users.


Anyone have an idea what's going on?


Thanks for any assistance!





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  • Hi Dave,

    As far as I know, the alerts may be set for Lists, Libraries, documents, or list items however alerts are not able to be set for the entire site at this time. Besides, the email address should be the email address of the primary site collection admininstrator. So, in your situation, you need to check if those email addresses are internal user’s addresses and the accouncement is set up on lists, library and docuument?

    In addition, if all users can’t receive the alert notification?

  • I have also noticed this just today.

    I had alerts set on a list to inform me of new items, and have realised that many new items have been added over the last 2 weeks and i havent had any emails about it.

    HOWEVER!  i then thought i would check i still had the alert setup, and it was there so i opened it and checked it was all ok, it was so i clicked cancel, then as a test i added another new item and i instantly got a alert email!!!

    Good that i can see it works, but bad that it seems to be proving unreliable.

  • The users are all internal and their alert is setup on a List. I understand that an alert cannot be set for entire site, that's not what I would want anyway.

    I am not sure what you mean when you say "Besides, the email address should be the email address of the primary site collection admininstrator"

    As I said, all the users who have setup alerts are not affected. For example, I am able to receive alerts consistently on this List.

  • Hi Krawdad ,

    1, Have you tried creating a new alert on a test library or on a test list and perform an action to generate the alert, does it works with the affected users?

    2, Delete and then re-create alerts for the affected user, does the issue persists?

    3, Have you checked the alert settings for the individual users?

  • Hi Liz.R

    To answer your questions....

    1.  No, haven't tried this for other libraries or lists.

    2. Yes, tried this and the intermittent issue still persists.

    3. Yes, even had them try changing the alert settings for frequency and the type of of change to the list.



  • Hi Dave,

    As the issue affects only 3 out of 120 users, even these 3 users can receive their alerts, it hard to find what’s the root cause of this issue. But what I can think about is, the problem may be caused the affected users can’t receive the alerts email correctly.

    Please confirm if the affected users can receives other emails properly.

    Then, I suggest try this for a test library or lists, see if this be caused the SharePoint Online side problem.



    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Dave,

    How are things going? We appreciate an update on the status of this issue.

    Grace Shi

  • At this point I haven't heard of any more alerts not working, however our SharePoint site is not heavily utilitized yet so it's hard to determine if there are simply not enough changes to lists where users have alerts or if they really aren't having problems.

    The short answer is I have no update as no one has complained further about the issue.

    It is rather odd that only a small number of users are experiencing the issue.



  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your update. As this issue doesn't reoccur on your side for the time being, if you need any further assistance, please don’t' hesitate to contact us.

    Best Regards,

    Evan Zhang