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How to create and manage a public site with Office 365?

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To showcase my customers O365 features I just wanted to create a public facing web site with it.


  • Which site template to use (there is no "Public Web Site Template")?
  • How to setup the access rights (there is no predefined group "anonymous users")?

Is there any further documentation about this feature:

  • Which package / license is required?
  • What are the limitations compared to SharePoint 2010 on-premise OOB publishing features?


Thanks, Frank

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  • Hi Frank,

    To create your public Website, you need to create a site collection and designate it as the public-facing site. A tenancy can contain only one Public Website site collection.

    For step-by-step guidance on creating a public-facing Website, see the article Set up a public Website. This article explains how to create a public website with either the default domain or a custom domain name. It also explains how you can change the domain name for an existing public Website.

    To grant the access rights, please refer the article about managing users in a public-facing website.

    To get more information on SharePoint Online between Small Business and Enterprise, please refer to below website.


    Monica Tong

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  • Your right there is no acces group  "anonymous users". Therefor your anonymous users will not be able to for inctance add info into libraries.

  • Hi Frank,

    Does the reply answer your question?


    Monica Tong

  • Monica,

    many thanks, generally yes. One very last question: With the P1 plan I've one site collection only. This site collection must be that one for publishing in case of P1? I also can use the collaboration features in that case? Thanks, Frank

  • Hi Frank,

    For P1 plan, the public site was created automatically when setting up your account. We couldn’t create a new one. However, we can edit the public website by logging in with your username and password.

    For collaboration features in P1 plan, you may refer to the below links:

    1: Office 365 for small businesses part 2: Collaborating and Working on the Go:

    2: Office 365 for small businesses part 3: Professional Websites and Collaboration

    I hope the above information address your concern.


    Monica Tong

  • Hi there

    I hope someone can help me.  I’m new to this.  I have set up my public web site, but when I use a browser and the domain, I get the ‘kind of back end’ of 365 popping up.  When I go into it and ‘edit public web site’ I see the site I want to see.  Why is this not popping up when accessing it externally?

    Hoping someone who knows much more than me can help!


  • Hi Chris,

    When accessing the website address you provided, I found that it can be accessed properly. I suggest accessing it again now. The causes are different from the configuration. If the issue persists, to better follow up the issue, I suggest posting a new question in the forum with the detailed problem description and error message.

    Monica Tong