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Why does SharePoint make us Save email before it will open it to read?

  • We have saved our emails in our SharePoint libraries. However, when we click on any of the email to open one, it will make us save it locally, before we can open it.


    What is the solution for this, so that we do not have to save it first?  Thanks, Raylene

  • Currently there is no solution. Microsoft did this on purpose, believe it or not. It's a safety "feature". An extremely frustrating "feature", which didn't happen with the old BPOS. Apparently it's to protect you from rougue code that could be in the emails you uploaded yourself. I don't know. i don't understand either.

    One work around is to share the site with Outlook and then you can view the emails in there. Go to Library Tools tab, Library and click on Connect to Outlook. Once you've done that a  new folder will appear in Outlook called "Sharepoint Lists". this has sub-folders which correspond to those sites that you have connected to Outlook. Not nice, but it works.

  • When you save an email in the *.msg file format and upload the file to SharePoint Online it wont open in Outlook Web App (OWA) since OWA doesnt understand the *.msg file format (rich file format).

    However you can synch your document library to SharePoint Workspace (SPW) and open the *.msg file (the email) directly from there (opens in Outlook - the rich client).

    Synching your document library to SPW gives you the nice added value that you can drag and drop emails between Outlook and SPW for easy saving of emails to SharePoint Online

  • Hello Raym1,

    This is Jason Burnside from Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Support.

    Thanks for coming to the communities with your concerns about opening your email in SharePoint Online from a library.

    Did you find Phil’s and/or Jesper’s information helpful? Thanks for the post Phil and Jesper.

    You may try either of the above options.

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

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  • OWA isn't the problem Jasper. It's Outlook 2010. More correctly it's the way Sharepoint doesn't work with Outlook 2010 like it used to. In the old BPOS you were able to save .msg files to Sharepoint, then open them in Outlook 2010 just by clicking on the file in the Sharepoint library (same as with pdf files). Now if you do the same thing, Sharepoint wants to save these files (and pdfs) to your local computer. Once you do that you need to locate the downloaded file and open it. A stupid situation.

    Your suggestion (and mine - great minds thinking alike) is a way around this.

  • Hello Raym1,

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

  • Hi Jason and all,

    now half a year later: are there any solutions to opening msg-files directly from SharePoint? My customer is hating this.



  • Four months after your half a year, Mike, and it's still the same.

    Maybe in Office 365 2013?

  • Not being able to open a MS product (ie. MS Outlook .msg file) in a MS product (ie. SharePoint) is very disappointing and unproductive. As we have managed metadata, we cannot use the SharePoint Workspace feature - which is a much bigger issue for us than not being able to open emails without saving them to our local.

    If we can now open PDF's (when we couldn't do so a year ago), for what I was told was the same reason (to protect us), surely MS must be working on resolving such a simple, and high demand task/requirement as to be able to simply open a filed email?

    I would like to know what MS is doing about resolving this - workarounds are not a solution.

  • Yes, but they have changed the look of the forum pages. There's a blue theme now. That's progress. Isn't it?

  • Yes, but they have changed the look of the forum pages. There's a blue theme now. That's progress. Isn't it?

  • Funny. I live in hope. Something so functional th which is reducing our productivity, wasting our time on a daily basis should be a priority for MS to fix, don't you think? I think it's just being too hopeful to think the release of 2013 might be a fix. I have my fingers (and all of my toes) crossed.