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404 Messages

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My customers report getting 404 messages when trying to access pages - here is the most recent example:


I'm losing money - please help.

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  • Matthew McCoy

    I am not getting that error:

    but you may want to look at this:  A workaround for the Page addresses

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  • Hello Matthew,

    This is Cody with Microsoft SharePoint Online. Thank you for your post about a 404 Not Found error.

    Like Ken, I am able to load the page correctly. I would like to ask a couple questions about this issue:

    • Are your customers using a saved version of the page, or reaching it through a search engine? If the customers are trying to access the site without the “/Pages/” in the URL, this would cause the error, as Ken has shown on his site. Navigating to the site through a search engine could also return this error, as the URL has changed slightly. The search engines have not had time to update their records yet.

    • Have the customers tried to clear their browser history and type in the URL directly?

    • Does the 404 error occur in other browsers that had not previous been to the site?

    I would recommend that customers type in the URL directly to get to the “new” site and then resave any favorites connected to the site. The search engine results will be resolved once the engines update their records during a crawl.

    Best Regards,

    Cody Spears

    Microsoft SharePoint Online Support

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  • Hello Matthew,

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or questions.

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