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Other Domains Still Not Linked

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 It has been several weeks. is working. I still do not have the other domains for my company working.

Before the change to 365, the other domains,,, and were linked to

When their embedded URLs were clicked on, they would take the user to 

At that time setting that up that function was easy with my limited IT support.

However, after trying several procedures, I am still without these other domains functioning, and my marketing is crippled.

Please Help,
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  • Hi Vicki,

    I understand you have added all your four domains to Office 365, and use <> as your SharePoint website address. The issue is that you can't link the other domains to <> . If I got misunderstood, please let me know.

    Checking your domains with NSlookup command tool, I find these domains’ name servers are pointed to Office 365, as a result, Office 365 hosts your domains. You can use all your domains at Office 365 (For example, use the domain name as users' mailboxes address), but as a limitation, you can use only one domain as your SharePoint website address in Office 365. You would not be able to link your other domains directly to <> with your domains hosted at Office 365.

    If you still need to do so, as a possible workaround, you may redelegate your other domains at the domain registrar, so that the domain registrar host these domain for you. Then, you may be able to use the URL redirect service provided by your domain registrar to point the other domains to <>.

    Please refer to the following steps:
    1). Redelegate your other domains at your domain registrar.
    If you can't do this by yourself, you may contact your domain registrar for help.
    This changes may takes up a few moments, please wait until the changes takes effect.
    2). Add the required DNS records for Office 365 to your domains at your domain registrar.
    To do this, please refer to Add your domain to Office 365 without redirecting your name server records to Office 365.
    3). Contact your domain registrar for the help of URL redirection.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Best Regards,
    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Vicki,

    I'm writing to follow up my previous reply. Did my above information help you? In addition, do you need any further assistance?


    Evan Zhang

  • Evan,

    We are in a bad fix. I tried everything that you said. is the critical one at this point. We must make is so that if people type that into their browser, will come up.

    I started over by deleting from MSoft, then went back to Melbourne IT.

    At Melbourne, I set it back to where it was in the first place and followed the instructions at 365 as you told me. I added it back to 365 and followed the directions for not redirecting to 365.    It has been 5 days.

    The Foyer has 3 to 4 key performances coming up on a "microtour" of the NC outer banks. We have to have those linked or marketing and mp3 purchase

    are crippled. We are already in $ hard times. I don't want to spend the money to call Melbourne IT.


  • Hi Vicki,
    Have you verified your <> domain at Office 365 now? By checking it, I can find the TXT record you added.

    If not, please try verifying it now. If you encounter any error, you can follow to troubleshoot.

    At this point, to get your <> redirect to <>, you can go to your Melbourne IT account, and setup the Web Forwarding service. If you can’t find this service or you need help of this service, you can contact Melbourne IT.

    Then, to get your domain works at other Office 365 services (Exchange Online, Lync Online), you need to add some required DNS records (listed at Office 365 portal > Admin > Domains > Mange) to your domain.

    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Vicki,

    How is thing going? In addition, do you need any further assistance?


    Evan Zhang

  • Thank you for following up.

    We tried everything we knew to do at the Melbourne IT site with no results.

    So, we put in a phone call to Mebourne IT, and they said that they would get back to us between 2130 18Jun and 0030 19Jun

    EST USA, but no call. Hopefully, we will get them again tomorrow.

    All we need to have done is make    point to

  • Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for your update.

    It’s ok to contact your registrar for the Web Forwarding service. If you need any further assistance regarding to Office 365, please feel free to post your questions in the forum.

    Best Regards,

    Evan Zhang


    Evan, we have pointed our other domains, with an A record at Melbourne, to the above IP.

    No results yet, but it may need another day.

    In the mean time, is that the correct IP address above for

    Thanks, Vicki

  • Hi Vicki,
    Checking your domain using NSlookup tool, I can see the A record is propagated now.(See below)


    However, though the A record is correct and have propagated, it will not take effect.
    I didn’t mean use the A record, but I mean use the Web Forwarding service to  make  point to Actually, we can’t use the A record to point a domain to a SharePoint Online website.

    In terms of your situation, I suggest you access your domain at your domain registrar, and setup the Web Forwarding service to directly point to

    If anything is unclear, please let me know.

    Evan Zhang

  • We contacted Melbourne, our domain registrar, for the procedure allowing to forward to Melbourne IT instructed us to use the A record.

    After the phone call from Melbourne, I received this e maii in parallel to the phone call:


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Melbourne IT.

    Office Live and Office 365 is not a Melbourne IT product. For further assistance on migrating the website, please contact office 365: 1800 865 94 08.

    Regarding any correspondence concerning this request, please quote the number below for our reference:



    Their phone support was not congruent with their e-mail, So, we are caught in a loop. They need to know that their IT advice is not working.

    Could you please contact them to facilitate this process?


  • Dear Evan,

    In the mean time, since The Foyer is the only active band with glebula, a number of shows are coming up, and so that I can facilitate i-net marketing/communication on the next series of shows, I will go through the process of making the the the share point address.

    I will have to get the main problem solved soon for other artists with new domains.


  • Hi,

    Your request with Melbourne IT is not regarding to migrating sites, so the email Melbourne IT sent to you is not reasonable.


    In your situation, you can order the web forwarding service on yourself from Melbourne IT.


    Here are some references:

    What is Web Forwarding?

    How do I order Web Forwarding?

    Who do I contact for technical help if required?

  • Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for Liz's valuable effort. Do you need any further assistance with this issue?

    Best Regards,

    Evan Zhang