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not able to create/access SharePoint Online site

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Hi there, 

I had created a new user on my Office365 account. 

I followed the general procedure of changing the password and then logging into the account with new password and username. 

But at the last step where it set-ups the SharePoint Online and gives the Team Site link is in still stage from last four days. It has not created a SharePoint setting for my new user and its stuck on that same state from last four days.

what is going on?

Warm Regards, 


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  • Hey Amol, I don't think it will. I have waited a long time for that with no response, so I had to create my own directly.

    I suggest you to access your main share point setting site on the address:

    http://<your domain>

    Than you create a new site with URL address teamsite

    This should work fine to create your own, and you will be able to access from your home admin site by clicking on the 'Team Site' link on the home page.



  • hey still i getting the same error of webpage cannot found. could you pl help me

  • “The BPOS-Standard team is aware of latency for account provisioning worldwide due to a software issue that was discovered in the production provisioning systems. A fix for the issue has been developed and released, and the fix is in the process of being deployed by the Operations Team. Once the fix has been deployed to all production systems, the provisioning queues will clear over the weekend, and operations will return to normal.  Microsoft apologizes for any inconvenience this incident has on our customers and partners.”

    You may submite a service request through MOP if your subscription is for Enterprise. Please feel free to let me know if the issue remains the same.

  • This is not good.  I have not been able to access my website from any other computer than my own.  Every time I or anyone else attempts to access my page, it directs them to the "log-in" page.  Should I expect this and look for an alternate provider of this kind of service, or is this problem being addressed?

  • It requires to authenticate before any members are able to access private website such as team site, but excluding private website which provides the basic page for SharePoint Online. Once authenticated, you may not require to input the credentials again until cookies expires or deleted.