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Adding users to SharePoint Group

  • I have a Global Administrator access right to our company's Office 365 portal.  We are starting to use SharePoint,

    The problem I am facing now, I cannot set the permission on published documents.

    As an example I have publish a document at the "Site level", I would like to add my collegues as contributors to this document.   I tried to add them to the Contributors Group, but it seems I don't have permission to this group.  The error message says I am not a member of this group.


    How can I make myself a member being a Global Administrator.


    Many Thanks


  • Hi Mohammed Boudiaf,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    As a Global Administrator in SharePoint Online for Office 365 your account is not automatically added as a Site Collection Administrator.  That is why you did not have permission to grant your colleagues rights as contributors to the published documents site collection. 

    You can quickly verify if your account is a Site Collection Administrator by following the steps detailed below.  These steps are for a SharePoint Online for Office 365 Professionals and Small Business subscription. 

    1. Login to SharePoint Online with an administrative account
    2. Change the following URL so that you can jump to the page that is used to add your new account as a Site Collection Administrator: http://<YOURDOMAIN>
    3. If the user account you are using is not listed, add your account as a new Site Collection Administrator and select OK.

    If you have a SharePoint Online for Office 365 Enterprise subscription and would like to add an administrator as a Site Collection Administrator, click here.

    If that does not solve the issue of not being able to grant permissions to the published documents, let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional posts or questions.

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