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Uploading folders with documents not possible?

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In Office 365 I can upload documents, even several documents at the same time. But it is not possible (as far as I can see) to upload complete folders. I believe this would be a very good option to add to Office 365, since I will not use Office 365 because of the hassle of creating folders and copying documents into the right folder...


So the Office 365 adventure ends for me if I cannot upload folders...


Please let me know your ideas or maybe it is already possible, but I did not look at the right place.


(NB When I look at G**g** D**s I see there is the possiblility to upload folders)





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  • Hello Hans,

    In your document library you can use the 'Open With Explorer' option to open that library in Windows Explorer.  You can then drop and drag folders and upload them in entirety to SharePoint Online without issue.

  • Hello

    you can use the 'Explorer view' functionaty

    Browse to your Library

    Click on the 'Library' tab shown at the top

    Then click on Open wth Explorer button from the Ribbon

    You will be able to drag and drop your folder and his content

    be careful if you have forbidden file extension located on this folder :D

  • What is the equivalent of this for Mac users? I have been trying to find a way to upload folders for a Mac user and they seem to only be able to do files using the SharePoint connect tool and the option to "open in explorer" is greyed out in safari and Firefox. What am I missing?

  • Jordan,

    You are not missing anything, except Explorer. If you have a lot of stuff to move, and have access to a machine with Explorer, then I would copy to a thumb drive and and go use that machine. The ability to copy files files and folder up with explorer saves a lot of time, it is much faster.

  • On Windows Vista, "open in explorer" only works for me with Internet Explorer - AND it only works after I disable UAC!

    I found the requirement to disable UAC somewhere on this site.

    With Firefox or Chrome, it still does not work after disabling UAC. I would guess the same apples to Safari.

    There are also other library commands that are greyed out in Firefox and Chrome.

    Is there something else I can do to make "open in explorer" and the other commands work in Chrome/Firefox?