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365 versus OfficeLive

  • I am still trying to transfer my OL site to 365 (so far this has taken nearly 90 hours (and thus 90 hours of lost earnings due to having to deal with the website).  Nothing transferred easily and most parts had to be done one piece at at time plus all the paypal buttons, one at a time etc. etc.

    It has been suggested the 365 is a great improvement but so far all I can see is reductions in the facility.  There are no useful reports - one of the great pluses of OL - as far as I can see I will have to input keywords one at time too although the page for doing this makes little sense to the non techie (realistically many people using this system and going to be those who cannot afford to pay to have the work done for them and who are relatively limited in their technical ability.  Thus the whole concept of OffiveLive was perfect as it was very user friendly and capable of being worked by non techies.

    365 is not at all user friendly and I certainly will not be recommending it to anyone (I recommended OL to a number of people).  The website has less facilities and from looking at the other posts there are a lot of other problems with it that I have not yet got as far as finding.  I still stand by my previous comments that this is now an inferior service that will also have to be paid for.

     If I  had the funds to pay a partner to do this I would have used the money to get a site produced in another format.  I am not at all happy with the situation.  This has cost me a great deal of time and money to make the transfer and ensure that the website does at least stay up on the net but I will be looking at ways to get a much better site as soon as possible.

     I have already raised the issue of compensation which was ignored - MS have forced the change and thus created large amounts of costs for users which is grossly unfair particularly when the product is inferior.



  • All I can tell is that you will never receive a compensation for this, this is not how it works. The rest is a long discussion regarding the whole OL - O365 migration which has been discussed numerous times, but there is nothing to discuss or that will change.

  • Sadly that is precisely the point!  However, I suspect that there will be people 'voting with their feet' in due course.  When you choose to make business changes you budget for them both in time and money when your working practice is forced to change because of an external decision this has negative impacts in very many directions.  Many businesses now are very large and have lost the concept that each individual customer is important. They seem to think that the odd customer here or there that is lost is no problem.  However, they may  just get a wake up call when they realise that all those 'ones'  can add up to a large amount of business and that word of mouth negative feedback can due untold damage.  Clearly there is little indication that MS want to be involved in the running or why else would they essentially leave all the day to day running and technical issues to be sorted out by individual users in forums?

  • Hi,


    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    Office 365 is designed as a tool to be used for collaboration within companies. The public-facing website that you are talking about is designed to be a simple, low-traffic, branded websites to display business information, location, maps, directions, and contact information.




    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • If that is the intention perhaps it would be helpful to actually market the facility in that way.  I have to say though I cannot see why anyone would want to bother with a LOW TRAFFIC site.  Whatever information you are putting on their if you are a business you would want it to be high traffice surely?

  • Tim said it perfectly, "Office 365 is a tool."


    Microsoft has lost touch with its customers. They have gone and <Please keep this forum G Rated> every admin that came over from OLSB. They say that Office 365 is the replacement for OLSB but then when we come over here, Support has told admins from there time and time again that this new platform is not designed for them.


    I think Tim couldn't have said it any better: "Office 365 is designed as a tool to be used for collaboration within companies." Not small businesses, COMPANIES!!! They have picked an excellent name for their platform: Office 365. That is the number of days that it gives me a headache.


    OLSB admins keep telling Microsoft, "Yo, get the wax out of your ears! We're are not tech nerds who understand all this computer jargon. We need a simple platform and a real Support team. Actually, you know what, if you actually had a successful product, you wouldn't really need a 'support team'.

    Down and dirty, a ton of people are tell you, Microsoft, we hate this forced change. We don't understand why we have to change to this new huge machine of a program. We overlooked the small little bugs in OLSB because it met our needs...but this new Office 365 is going in the wrong direction to meeting 'Small Business' needs. Instead, you are trying to meet the needs of 'Large Companies'.


    Pooey on you, Microsoft! Have you no shame?

  • I agree! This was not needed, It is all about money! I would of much rather them just start charging for office live, I would've lost a lot less money. On top of that I can't even get my sharepoint designer to work!

  • Same problem here. I was trying to reach somebody to explain how do I transfer the website, nobody seems to know the answer. Just purchased a new domain on GODADDY. will have to build a new site (((( will take time, but I at least i am satisfied with customer service.