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Enable anonymous users for custom list in SharePoint 2013

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Currently I'm using SharePoint Online as a free trial. The problem is that anonymous users don't have access to the custom list.
I tried one of the "solution" but it doesn't work in SharePoint 2013(Solution activated fine for 2013 but when I tried to press the button “Anonymous Access“ in the ribbon interface under “List Tools” and “List” I got 
"Web Part Error: Sandboxed code execution request failed. Correlation ID: d6231a9c-acb4-3015-050c-2d6535c6f0bf".)
So, Is that possible to allow antonymous users to access my List on Team or Public site?
Best Regards, Konstantin

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  • That solution works for me. Click the images in this picture library and without the solution you'd have to log in - with it you can access the images anonymously. 

  • Yes, It looks like you applied this solution for a public site. Can you specify steps of applying this solution? Thanks.

  • Sure -

    Unzip the downloaded file

    Upload the wsp file to the public site solutions gallery (it's hidden so you have to tack /_catalogs/solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx onto your domain to access).

    Activate it

    Go to any list's settings and you'll see the anonymous access icon

    Click that and choose from the options

    Inert list on a public site page (if you didn't already)


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  • Hi Konstantin,

    mchv2.0 has provided good information about uploading solution in a public site. You can use mchv2.0’s steps to troubleshoot the issue.

    I have performed the tests on my Team Site and Public Site about the anonymous access. I would like to share the results I got.

    Part I: For the anonymous access in the Public Site
    If it’s public site that created after Office 365 service upgrade, we can use the following steps to create custom list on the home page for the anonymous access.

    Step 1: Create a custom list
    1. Sign in to the public site.
    2. Click “Settings” icon next to your logon name. Click “Site Content”.
    3. Click “add an app”, and click “Custom List”. Follow the wizard to create it.

    Step 2: Add the created custom list in the public site
    1. Sign in to the public site.
    2. Click the “Page” tab on the public site.
    3. Click “Edit”. Then click the “Insert” tab.
    4. Click “App Part”, and then click the custom list you created. Click the “Add” button.
    5. Then the custom list is shown up in the public site. Users can access this custom list anonymously.

    Part II: For the anonymous access in the Team Site
    When testing the solution in Team Site, I received the same error message as you mentioned in the original post. It seems that it’s not applied to Team Site. Since most users use Team Site to store information in a secure way, it’s not recommended to set anonymous access to the list or library in Team Site.

    If you need to share sites or documents with people outside your organization, you can send them an invitation they can use to log in to your site. You can send this invitation to any email address. When the recipient accepts the invitation, they can log in using either a Microsoft account or an Office 365 user ID . When you share a site, you can select the type of permissions you want that person to have on the site.

    Be careful about sharing your Team site or any site that your organization uses primarily for internal business and documents because you will be granting external users access to that site and any subsites that share its permissions. You might give external users access to sensitive content. If you have an ongoing need to collaborate with people outside your organization, set up a site that you use specifically for external sharing, and configure that site so that it has unique permissions from the rest of your sites.

    For more information about managing sharing in the Team Site, you can go to this link:

    Additionally, the sandbox solution usage or customization is related to development. You can post the sandbox solution question to the MSDN forums for a better response for further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Monica Tong

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  • Thank you guys for the perfect explanation!

    I was able to upload and activate the solution for a public site but  when I tried to press the button “Anonymous Access“ in the ribbon interface under “List” I got "Web Part Error: The site collection containing this sandboxed solution has exceeded its daily resource usage quota. Correlation ID: b4841a9c-0c78-3015-34c1-bd2996e7eba8"

    So far, I have found how to solve this new issue on the Enterprise Version of Office 365 only. Is it possible to manage the allocated resources to the Small Business Version (The P1 plan)?

    The solution for this issue (on the Enterprise Version) is pretty straightforward:

    Go to:

    Admin ->

    SharePoint ->

    Select your public site->

    Select Resource Quota -> (on the Ribbon menu)

    Enter the new value of your Usage Quota in the resources textbox ( I entered 100)->

    Click Save.

  • Did anyone provide details on increasing the usage quota on a P1 plan yet?  I am trying to enable anonymous comments on a public facing blog but can't get solution to work due to quota limit



  • Hi S,

    I have attached the limits for SharePoint Online for Office 365 Small Business as below:


    From this table, if the public facing website has reached to 100 GB limit, additional storage for Small Business plans is not yet available. As far as I know, it’s not supported to increase the usage quota in Office 365 Small Business plans.

    Monica Tong

  • Thanks Monica,  

    I do not believe I am anywhere need the storage limit on my site.  Upon checking I see that I am only using 145 MB


    I am trying to enable a sandboxed solution to allow me to turn on anonymous comments on my public facing blog page.  I have installed a solution and activated it but every time I try to use it I get an error about quota available.

    When I check I see that I have the solution installed but my resource quota is 0 server resources


    And when I try to use the added solution I get error "Web Part Error: The site collection containing this sandboxed solution has exceeded its daily resource usage quota. Correlation ID: 899d1c9c-b778-909b-5297-618402677199."


    I have opened a MSFT support ticket [SR Number was removed by the moderator] but have not had any response to the ticket yet.

    Any help would be great



  • The question is simple: how do you change/allocate resources for a P1 public site? The answer above that quotes the limits isn't relevant. I don't have a Small BIz account so can't answer.
  • I was able to upload and activate the solution for a public site and after I added Resource Quota to the site the solution started to work. Anonymous users have access to the custom list items if I shared them but when I tried to access item by using JS I got the answer - "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource"

    When I tried to use xsl for customizing output html I got the same answer for anonymous user. For authorized users the functional works fine.

    Steps which I did for XSL transformation:

    1. create document list

    2. upload simple xsl for rendering

    3. provide reading access for document list for anonymous users(now they can see this list through the browser)

    4. create custom list

    5. add some items

    6. provide anonymous access for custom items

    7. add custom list to the main page

    8. click on edit web-part link -> click Miscellaneous -> input to XSL Link field path to my file in the document library

    9. save and publish draft

    Those steps work perfectly for authorized user but not for anonymous. Can you help me to provide correct way of resolving this issue? Is it possible to use xsl for transform output html? how can I use it correctly?

    Thank you!

  • A while back I came across a bug in Sharepoint Online that prevents linked xsl files from retaining anonymous permissions. My assumption then was xsl files get cached and the cache directory can't be granted anonymous rights. There's a lengthy discussion about it and possible workaround here: 

    The "short" version is here:

  • I'm sorry to tag onto this thread, but I was reading and noticed you mention that you were able to assign a quota to a sandbox solution.  I also thought I read that you are on the Small Business Plan (P1).  Is this correct?  How did you manage to do this?  I am on the P3 plan and I haven't been able to figure it out, which is making the creation of a useful public site challenging.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I got the same impression but think he's talking about an Enterprise plan. I've asked about adding server resources and using solutions in a P plan (which "isn't supported"), but got no response. 
  • This was my answer from a Microsoft Support person,

    "The Small business plans don’t have the permission to access the SharePoint admin center.

    So, the resource quota cannot be processed in Small business plans. It’s a limitation.

    However, the Enterprise plans can do this as the screenshot shows below"

    Why they have limitations on the P1 and P3 plans that prevent a Small Business subscriber from being able to develop a functional public facing website is beyond me.  The fact that they removed the "Contact Form" app, don't allow app parts that display image slides or news to reach back to a custom list is insane.  These are basic website elements.  Basically my subscriptions allows me access to the Office suite, but otherwise I'm not seeing the value.

  • Hi

    I'm trying to make a simple app part to read list items for anonymous users but the executeQueryAsync always fail.Please read my post: