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ActiveX Control Prompt: "Control name is not available"

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I'm getting prompted to allow an ActiveX control whenever I try to upload documents to SharePoint. This is on IE9 RTM, running on Windows 7 64-bit. The error message is captured in the below image: The webpage wants to run the following add-on: 'Control name is not available' from 'Not Available'.



Does anyone know what this control is? I'm not in the habit of installing unknown ActiveX controls, particularly when they have a title as suspicious as this. Are the Office 365 controls not signed?

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  • Hi

      It seems like a ActiveX control about Office Web Applications.I think it is safty and you may click the Allow button.Any information of ActiveX Control,you can check the link below.




  • Saw this today as well... didn't feel at risk so much as amused.  That said I know that this does not meet UA guidelines for MS and so adding my 2¢ to say this should be considered as a bug.