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List of Site Collections programmatically

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Does somebody knows how to get the list of SharePoint site collections programmatically? (The list we get through https://



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  • I have not found any way to pull the list from Site Collection Manager.  I saw you were persuing this on another thread.  Were you able to get that to work?

    Client Object Model

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the answer.

    Most probably there is no way to get the list of site collections programmatically. The GetContent function from the SiteData web service would do the job but unfortunately the admin account we have on the SharePoint Online doesn't have enough permissions to retrieve informations about the "VirtualServer" and "ContentDatabase" that would result in the list of site collections.

    Answering to your question related to the other thread, Yes I'm able to use both the Client Object Model and the Web Services whit the workaround. This is not a solution that I would use in production but for development it's fine.