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Simple WebSite (HTML+/-Flash) not working!!!

  • I have a simple web build on HTML with or without Flash capabilities. From Web Server perspective has to be onlu simple HTML delivery to user request.


    Seams that Office 365 - need something which I don't know, to be able to deliver simple html web pages.

    HTML contents and flash content is come back to browser as attachements! you can chek here:


    I think I wil change the provider. If Office 365 wants to address small business - in this way, thay have to change segment marketing people - all of them.


    Thanks in advance!!!


    P.S. Changing page extension and writing ASP.NET code is not an acceptable solution

  • Bogdan,

    Basically you can only use what the provided editor can create, if you want your page to work change it .ASPX and then call it.

  • WebSites can be edited also with SharePoint Designer - and this toll know how to create HTML web pages. SharePoin use HTML pages (btw -see HTML controls in editor), but configuration changes in "Central Administration has to be done. A regular hoster throught Crontol Panel allow WebSites Owners to edit Mime/Type table in order to publish different kind of content. Here this Mime/Type editing has to be done by Admins....



  • Bogdan,

    You can create aspx pages in SPD too (or just rename uploaded html files).  Permissive file handling settings block html files but not aspx.

  • I renamed the files but flash file is still delivered as attachement. Flash file cannot be renamed in ASPX!!! Beside this: A small business with very simple html website should not facing problems solved by any regular hoster years ago. Let's suppose I don't know what is, and I paid for a web site and is not working and anywhere else is working.

    So how can I publish for anonymous access html pages with flash content???

  • Bogdan

    What I'm saying is save your flash code as an aspx file and upload it to documents. You can then iframe it on a regular page or link to it. It will open like this directly from documents:


    And here it is iframed on a regular public site page and right below that we inserted your code in a video module which may be the easiest option.:

  • Hi Bogdan,

    Does the reply above answer your question?


    Kylin Yang.