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PDF Solution: Here's How to Display in the Browser

  • Yes we experience the Read Only/Edit pop-up when clicking on the file name. We also get two tabs opening up (the doc opening twice).

    However, when we implemented the solution, we just instructed users to use the drop down menu and select "Open PDF in Browser" and haven't had any issues with that instruction. Even our users were able to follow those directions. Thanks.

  • @Liitlebrooktrout,

    Thanks for trying the solution and glad you like it.  You're right, I've not been clear about how to set the URL for public sites.  The pdf solution requires that you specifiy the URL like so:

    Happy fly-tyin'


    Thanks for the feedback.  You're using the script in your masterpage right?  If so, then try this one it should cure all your woes, plus it doesn't require pdf.aspx viewer and it updates links andicons on search results pages:



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  • Hi PDF folks

    This is just caos by Microsoft and the Office 365 support team.
    If you are opening a document library in Explorer view/mode - The PDF will open stright ahead.
    BUT that is not a solution for 2.000 clients!

    So, we are looking at some strange information from MS and the Office 365 team here.
    PDF, Autocad and all other filetypes are declared unsafe - BUT can be opened in Explorer mode.
    This declares totaly caos by MS and the OFFICE 365 team!

    I'm very corious now!

  • Joshua - I have not been using your script, but....

    This is SO STRANGE.

    Last night my maine machine is opening PDF,s with IE 9 (32 bit) - It still does!!!

    Cannot reproduce scenario on any other machines.

    (Tested with 2 of my own and 2 other machines with customers)

    I just now opened the PDF file on Office 365 because I thought I f... up and needed to test again.

    But it remains true - I can open PDF's directly from this machine I'm typing this message on.



    Edit: pls reply - I have set email alert on this post - any tool I can run for Registry or something??

  • This is how IE9 (32 bit) opens a PDF in office 365 - No scripting (Norwegian)

    Buttons from left: Check out and Open, Open, Cancel


  • That's cool. Just what I need but I'm not getting it - yet. Maybe they are rolling it out. Also I'm stuck on IE8 for a little while.

  • Hi, has anyone encountered any problems trying to use Joshua's most excellent solution on an Apple Mac running OSX 10.6.8?  

    A member of our club with the above Mac  is trying to open links to PDF files on our public website, which have been set up as per Joshua's instructions, but gets a message   'A plug in is needed to display this content'.  

    He clicks on 'Install plugin' and gets a display headed "Plug in Finder Service' and underneath reads 'Conclusion. No suitable plug ins were found'

    At the top of his desktop there is a note ' Additional plug ins are required to display all media on this page'.  Any bright ideas? The links work fine in Windows.  

    I know Microsoft are rolling out an upgrade that should mean we no longer need Joshua's solution, but I can't see a timeframe for its implementation in the UK yet and would like to take advantage of any existing solutions in the meantime!

    Many thanks!

  • Thanks for the work on this. Microsoft has posted that they have a "slution" but it only works if you have the latest Adobe version. FOr most of my clients that is not an option. In my case I have Foxit Reader. For some reason this solution does not work with Foxit Reader I upgraded to and it works well. I am even thinking of applying a little branding to the ASPX page :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    Do you have a link to the M$ solution?


  • Yep, it's not a solution because you must have Acrobat 10.1.2. Apparently it only works for that version. M$ told me to "Just upgrade my clients" I guess they forgot that "In the cloud" I don't control my clients. That's the point of the cloud.

  • Following the directions, I get two solutions:

    1.) Either no pdf icons and the pull down menu with view pdf file in browser

    2.) Or pdf icons but no pdf file in browser in the pull down menu.

    The difference is in the link to the utilities folder.

    With the link as specified in the Joss instructions, option 2 comes up. -

    Error per 1.) There is an error display that a link is not correct. When activating the pdf file in browser, then explorer follows a link without a result, leaving an error message in the browser windos.

    adding another directory level ----> /TeamSite/Utilities/pdf/js, option 1 comes up.

    I don't know how to look what's in the file pdf.js but seems to me that when use the link which gives the pdf icon, but the other links creating the pull down menue item for pdf files is not correct, because the /TeamSite/is integrated?

  • MCS,


    I'm unclear from your description what is working and what is not.  What is clear is that your utilities library is on your teamsite rather than your top-level site.


    The script assumes you have created the utilities library on your top-level site.  If you have P1 subscription, the public website is your top-level site.

    Go here (notice no 'teamsite' in url):



    Then click the 'Create' link and follow the instructions from there using /Utilities/pdf.js in the Content Editor.

    The utilities library should be here:



    Let us know how it goes.  Have a great day!


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  • Josh:

    Thanks, you are correct. The script was at the teamsite.

    We have a P1 level subscription.

    I added the libary in the public facing website - which is created using the string in your despription to get the edit webpage  option.

    When creating the Utilities folder, Midrosoft reports some kind of error message, which disapeared again and then the utilities folder shows up. (Sorry I did not get what the error message was about.)

    I upladed your files into the utilties folder and then wanted to add the webpart to the documents library.

    Again I've to add the strings to the public website/allitems.aspx.

    The I can add the link and create a hidden content: / utilities/pdf.js

    However when I refresh the page I loose the edit webpage capablity. When adding your string, then I can edit the webpart/content editor again and review that is is correct.

    (They have a test function, wich when I use it, finds the pdf.js file, but warn me not to run the string.)

    However, the little arrow behind the pdf files listed (pull down menue) does not show up and there is no difference to what was there earlier.

    In order to permanetly get the edit page selection (this is there only in the teamsite area) - Are there tools to download?

    I have 56 pdf files / 2 pages of files in the office 365- viewer ist that to many?

    So after refreshing the documents folder the original status is there, no change visible.

    Any suggestions?

    In any case thanks for your help so far.

    Kind Regards,


  • MCS,

    Great!  So you have the file here


    The Content Editor Web Part only runs the script on the page that you have the Content Editor so you have to add a CEWP to every Document Library view page that you want to see the enhancements and use the following in the CEWP link:

    So if you want to see the enhancements on the All Items View of the P1 Documents Library then you need to add the CEWP to this page:
    to see the enhancements on the P1 Teamsite Home Page then add the CEWP on this page:

    Did you change the CEWP link from /teamsite/utilities/pdf.js to /utilities/pdf.js?

    Let us know if this helps.


  • Thanks Josh:

    First thanks so much for the quick help. I did not expect so much. Actually I'm prepared to give up and find a better solution than that of microsoft. At the moment all these changes are destructive to our business especially in terms of search engine recognition. From first page to nowhere within a few days.

    Yes, I have the file there.

    First here the final result I would like to achieve, if possible:

    All pdf files are in the public facing document folder:

    Our customer browses our website, clicks on the link with the pdf file. - Browser opens the pdf file in a window and customer can view, print, download or close the window. pdf file is located in the documents folder for public facing website.

    I added the CEWP to this folder in the public facing website! for this I had to create the add on edit tool with adding your string that it looks like this:

    I can see all the changed, however the drop down menu item arrow in the documents folder never shows up.

    I don't want to work at the teamsite. I want the enhancements only to the public facing website at the moment.

    In any case, thanks so much.