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PDF and Office 365

  • But I don't blame you, if the community will have a word to say about this, then maybe Microsoft will offer a solution to PDF support, as it seems that many people are asking for it.

    So hopefully we'll have a solution in the near future, or the next release. :)

  • Hi again Chris

    I do not want to be a troll - I love MS products and I make a living out of them!

    But no one in here - Not you or moderators have given any real answer to this, you all talk about security issues and gives no in-depht technical answers to why it is so. The only on who have returned a real answer is Jbooker on this thread

    But I'm very disapointed - I have had several great sales of Office 365 Beta - But my first and biggest customer on Office 365 will not buy this because of the PDF issue. Their whole system are built around scanning documents in PDF and publishing it to Office 365 and this goes for many, many customers.

    So understand my right - We are all very sad because of lost sales - lost oportunities. My customers love Office 365, untill I have to inform them about the PDF issue - Then it's a full showstop.

    I think this issue will bite Microsoft in a greater scale than you all have foreseen.


  • This question will probably never be really answered - Is this somehow a "political" reason?

    What can be a security issue about PDF files?

    I think this issue will bite Microsoft in a greater scale than you all have foreseen.

    I need a strong in-depht technical answer before I'm satisfied - dear Microsoft.


  • Q

    "Posted by Mike Gibson MSFT Moderator on 2011-Jul-19 3:10 PM  

    Locked Re: PDF's and Office 365

    Hi smilward,

    There are a myriad number of reasons why this is not not enabled, chiefly amongst which are that security settings need to be lowered in order for this to be achieved, followed closely by the fact that the environment is multi-tenant.

    A change like this, while convenient for a lot of folks, would affect everyone within the farm.  One other thing to remember is this: the product was just released a few weeks ago.  It may not be a feature at this point in time, but it may be something considered in the future!"

    End of Q"


    Hi Mike

    Please read my above arguments

    ...and then please give me your "myriad number of reasons" why this is not enabled!  - This will probably be a single argument about security!

    I have worked with MS products since 1992 - I have worked with SharePoint 1,2 and 3 versions - I have tested Office 365 BIG TIME with our customers through the Beta period - and in the Beta period this issue was threated as something that would be resolved at release.

    I do not want to be rude - But please give me an answer I can belive in!

    I need a strong in-depht technical answer before I'm satisfied!

    PS: Have all these questions been reported to your management?



  • ...and meanwhile...and TOTALY OFF TOPIC!!