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Password Protect & Linking Files in Share Point

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I’d like to password protect some files on share point so that when a member with permission can only view the file with the password they possess.  Also, I’d like to create a link on my website so that someone with a password can click the hyperlink and open the file without going through the membership tab under one sub site.  How can one do this? 


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  • Hi Epp,

    As I understand it, you want to use password to protect documents in SharePoint. Also, you’d like to create a link on you website so that someone can click the hyperlink on the public website page to open the document without clicking the member login.

    Currently, there isn’t a password protection for documents in SharePoint online by default. But we can take advantage of office 2010’s encrypting function and then upload the encrypted document to SharePoint site. The following steps show how to encrypt word documents with office 2010 word.

    1. Open Microsoft Word 2010;

    2. Click File tab, choose Info;

    3. Under permissions, click Protect Presentation, and choose Encrypt with Password;

    4. It prompts a dialog, input your password twice and then click OK.

    To create a link for a encrypt document, you can try steps below:

    1. Upload the document to Documents directory of public website

    (1) Input the public website address in IE, click ENTER;

    (2) Click Member Login to sign in to SharePoint Online;

    (3) Click Site Actions and choose View All Content.;

    (4) Find Documents under Document Libraries;

    (5) Upload the encrypt document to Documents library.

    2. Under editing the website page, insert a Hyperlink which is link to a document that previous steps upload

    (1) Choose a page under Web Pages which you want to insert a link to, then click edit;

    (2) Under the editing page, choose Insert, and then click Hyperlink;

    (3) Under the Insert page, choose My documents, and  choose the document you want to add link to;

    (4) Save and publish the page.

    After you have created a link for the encrypted document, people who access your public site page can click the link and input the password to view the content of the file, which don’t need to sign in.


    Allen Sun

  • It's a little too technical, but I've followed your directions and I'm having problems.  After I encrypted the power point 2007 presentation I created a PAGE in Share Point called GALLERY I.  This page was created previously with the the document also called Gallery I successfully, but now that the PP presentation is encrypted it seems to disappear from the PAGE's content.  NOTE:  I know it's a little confusing naming the Page and PP File the same so I'm indicating the difference with CAPS & C plus Lower Case.  

    As you directed I also uploaded the PP Presentation "Gallery I" to my website library successfully.  

    Here's a link to my website section called LINKS,, where I have inserted a small potential link at the upper right for someone to be able to open the presentation with a password.  Obviously I was unsuccessful previously.  

  • Hi Epp,

    Thanks for your update.

    About using password to protect documents, I want to confirm if you want to display the document in a page. If so, currently, we are not able to view the encrypted document in browser with SharePoint Online. We need to download the encrypted document and open with local Office clients.

    And you want to create the links of documents in public website page, so people don’t need to login to view documents. SharePoint team site doesn’t support anonymous access. However, if you want others can access the encrypted document without inputting their credential, you can upload the document in SharePoint Online public facing website>Merber Login>Documents library.

    After that, we can insert the url of the document in any of our public web pages, so that anonymous users can download the document directly by clicking the link in the public page, and then input the password to open them with local Office clients.

    I have checked your public website, you probably didn’t upload the encrypted document to the Documents library. I am sorry that I didn’t describe the Documents library clearly. You can try it again.

    There are some screen shoot about the document library.

    1. Documents library for Office 365 for small businesses

    2. Documents library for Office365 for enterprises


    Allen Sun

  • Allen, thank for responding.  I'm in the process of learning share point intranet.  I just hoped that there was a link to the external website, but I realize that there isn't.  I'm well aware of how to work the the public website and may in fact insert the power point presentation in the library and then hyperlink it for someone to access with a password.  In the meantime, I will study the intranet provided and see how I can best provide limited access to a designated document/presentation.  I just don't want to give a member access to all documents posted and I'm going to see if this can be done with one sub-site.  I would imagine if you have many sub-sites you can assign one specific document to each and allow specific members to a particular sub-site without letting them view anything else.

  • Hi EPP,

    We can use site permissions to control who can access site, library, list or item in SharePoint Online.

    For the first issue, you don’t want to give a member access all documents. To achieve this goal, you can try steps below:

    1. Create a new group and add members who can access the security documents.

    Operation: Site Actions/site settings/People and groups/New Group

    Note: When you create a group, members of this group can access all content of this site collection, except for resources that stopped inherit permission from the top site. Because subsites and other items inherit the top site's permission by default.

    2. Create a library, and add documents which you don’t want all members to access in it.

    3. Set the library permission.

    Under the library permission setting page, you can see all the users and groups who can access that library. Library permission inherits the site permission by default. If you want to modify the library permission, you can click “Stop Inheriting Permissions”. Then remove users and groups who don’t need to access it, and grant the special group permission to this library.

    Some Screen shoots
    (1) Go to library permission setting page

    (2) Stop Inherieing Permissions

    (3) Grant Permissions and remove permissions

    For the second issue, you want to allow specific members to a particular sub-site without letting them view anything else. You can also create a new group and add special members as you want. Than modify all other subsites’ permission to remove the new group. So members of this group can only access the special subsite.  You can see the subsite’s permission settings by following steps.
    1. Open the subsite;
    2. Operation: Site Actions/site settings/Users and Permissions/site permissions

    For more information about SharePoint site permission, you can refer to the links below:


    Allen sun  

  • Hi EPP,
    How are the things going?
    We’d appreciate an update on the status of the issue. When you have time, please feel free to post this information here.

    Allen Sun

  • Thank you Allen .... I am a new office 365 P1 user. Exactly as you have outlined here, I had been sharing and updating password protected MS Word files on my Team Site for over a month ... but today after I edited and saved a Word doc at work (for the first time), the file can no longer be opened with the same password from anywhere, either home or work ...

    There are 2 differences between my work and home PC ... first, the work PC has Word 2007 while the home one is at 2010 ... but I was able to successfully edit the same doc with the same pass previously on another home PC running Word 2007; secondly, the work PC is not properly setup with Office 365 since I do not have local admin - the Office 365 install/config utility has never been run there

    When doing the edit at work today, I was able to open the Word file in local Office 2007 with the password, and make changes; I then saved the doc without specifying save as location and close the Word program. The Team Site doc was then showing the updated time-stamp. However, the file can no longer be opened ...... Pls help!

  • Hi O365P12012,

    I suggest you install the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 to see if it works. If it is no luck, would you please submit a new thread with detailed information? Our SE will follow up and help you resolve the issue in the new post.


    Allen Sun

  • Thank you Allen for the timely repsponse ... my work Office is already at service pack 2. i shall open this in a new thread as advised ...