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Ask for login

  • How set Microsoft Office Word 2007 to ask for my Microsoft Online Services ID when I want save/open document from/to Sharepoint library?

    My Microsoft Office 2007 applications sometimes asks for credentials for Sharepoint Online but do not remember it.

    Sometimes Excel 2007 ask for digital certificate with private key. But I don't it from Microsoft.

    Is it possible somewhere get it?

    How to set Windows XP Profesional to remember my password and automatic use my login credentials when need access to Sharepoint Online?

  • Hello Ronalds,


    I want to confirm your environment and the symptom first.

    The operation system is Windows XP, the Office client is Office 2007, the Setup Office Desktop App has been installed and configured. And which Plan are you using?

    The symptom is, when you try to open Office documents from SharePoint Online library or save Office documents to SharePoint Online library, sometimes the credential prompt and then the certificate warning pop-up.


    I will do some research and update in this thread. If you could provide the snapshot of the credential prompt and certificate warning, it will be great help.

  • I have the same problem on a PC with Vista, it will first show the online log-in, that takes fine, but then it pulls up the log-in you show, and just repeats over and over. When I do the same thing on my Windows 7 box, it works like a champ.

  • Hello Ronalds,


    I have performed a lot of tests and failed to repro the issue on my side.

    On Windows XP, I tried different Office application to open the documents on SharePoint online, sometimes the it did ask for credential, but it’s like a web browser request from, not like the issue you met, looks like from operation system level.

    Here are some suggestions,

    You may try re-run the Setup office desktop apps,

    You may check the documents which request the credential, whether there is a pattern.


    For Robert, this is expected behavior due to the difference of credential management between Windows Vista and Windows 7.



  • Lester,

    What do you mean by this is expected behavior on Windows Vista, are you saying that these features, and this product are not made to work with Vista?

    Once these screens come up, there is no way to go forward, which means any feature that has them, is not usable on a Windows Vista Machine, I find that hard to believe, as it is said this will work on XP, Vist, or Win 7, I take that to mean all featuers.

  • Why need run additional setup Office Desktop application?

    I work with Sharepoint on different organization and there is no problem. Just log in and mark ''remember my password'' and automatically log in every time.

    Why Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise Sharepoint Online it is so difficult?

  • Robert Edward, I have same problem with Windows XP Profesional. Sometimes ask login to

  • Why I can't use Windows XP Profesional feature ''Manage my network passwords'' like other non Office 365 Sharepoint sites? I know, it works with my organization who use Sharepoint Server 2007.

  • Have you tried add the online service url into the trusetd sites in IE? like *, * and *