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Sharepoint Task Alerts stopped working

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I have created a task list within Sharepoint and setup Alerts which were working fine until this morning.

I have given everyone who uses the task list full permissions and i have tried deleting and recreating the Alerts, still no joy.

I don't even get the default alert which is sent when the task is assigned to you. ( Send e-mail when ownership is assigned is turned on)


I have even created a new dummy task list with default and custom alerts but this is also not working.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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  • Hi Laws,


    This is another problem that we have seen before. See this post.


    It happened to me yesterday also. I was able to do the updates by re-trying the save operation 2-3 times. Today, I have done a few task assignments without problems.


    BR Morten


  • Hi Morten,

    Thanks for the great support for the user lookup issue. The alerts issue was caused by the sending email functionality, which needs to be configured in the farm level. As far as I know, the issue only affected some certain regions, and a few Office 365 tenants. At this time, it has been fixed. However, I am not able to make any promise that the issue will not occur at any areas later. Anyway, If there are any problems about Office 365, please feel free to ask in the forum.

    @Laws, please try the suggestions provided by Morten to see if it works or not. If the issue persists, please open a new thread in the forum, and we would like to start another topic on this issue in a new thread. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Reken Liu

  • Hi Reken,

    Thank you for the information.

    It sounds like the root cause of the problem has not been identified and removed. Based on the history (at least a handful of incidents lasting several hours over the last half year), there is a large risk that the problem will arise again. As each mail lost may interrupt a critical process, it is important that service is restored swiftly. I therefore suggest that your support engineers set up automated surveillance of the health of the email function of each farm.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Morten,

    Thanks for the great feedback. I understand there might be a potential inconvenience caused by the issue. Actually our producting team is working on improving the service health monitoring and involving more resources to help on this internally. Once we received similar issues in the forum, it will be passed to the operation team for double checking. Thanks again for the suggestions to improve our service.

    Best Regards,
    Reken Liu

  • Reken Liu Support Moderator
     there might be a potential inconvenience caused by the issue


    LOL! A potential inconvenience... I suspect I've just stepped in a parallel universe when I woke out of bed this morning. The universe where I was living in yesterday was a universe where not working alerts were a huge inconvenience and just unacceptable.


    A lot of your customers use SharePoint Online to support their business and processes. We are counting on email alerts and workflows alerts that are working no matter what.


    The alert functionality was down in September, October and November. Please try to be a good company, learn from your mistakes and just solve this problem for once and for all.

  • I fully agree Maskedfly. We run a support desk off 365 and having alerts down means manual checking of lists for changes as opposed to getting emails for the specific changes. This is not just an inconvienience it is totally unacceptable and not the way to operate a business! We will seriously have to consider moving away from 365 if this persists.

    I particularly don't like the inference that MS are waiting for more people to report this before doing anything much about it!  "Once we received similar issues in the forum, it will be passed to the operation team for double checking"

    I also cannot understand how when we report the issues that the service health still does not change, there is something fundamentally wrong there!



  • Anyone having problems today?

    This morning i received over 400 notifications from previous completed tasks, and now i cannot view my default view (Active Tasks)

    I can see other views however they are running slow.

  • Hi Laws,

    No problems today (it seems). Notifications are arriving and our site is performing fine. Yesterday I noticed a notification that was delayed by two hours. Based on header information, it was held up by a server called AM1YL1SMTP003.YLO001.MSOPRD.MSFT.NET.

  • Hi everybody,


    I have been running a support request regarding this issue, and the conclusion is promising.


    The problem was caused by an SMTP server that exceeded its capacity. The first 5000 mails received while in this condition were queued for delivery and mails beyond that were dropped.


    Microsoft have now increased SMTP server capacity and redundancy. And they have implemented monitoring to cover each SMTP server instance and their mail queue counters.


    So there is hope that we will not see this problem again. Or if we do, that the problem will be detected and fixed in a more timely manner than before.

  • As promising as that sounds Morten i really have completely lost faith in this product.

    I am currently having a different issue where i cannot even see my tasks as they keep getting wiped out, and recently even replaced by another Company's Calendar list.