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Access Services reports not yet switched on, yet Office365 is out of beta

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Yesterday I received an e-mail to tell me that Office365 is out of beta, yet when I try to create an Access 2010 report in Sharepoint I still get the old



Access Services reports are not enabled.
To view the report, open the report in the Access client.


issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID:

Date and Time: 29/06/2011


Was the e-mail a hoax or are Access Services reports going to be switched on soon? The e-mail told me I have 30 days to make a decision to buy, but some of the basic functionality is not yet working.


Alan Cossey

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  • I have the same problem, these are a must for me.  I put in a Service request two days ago asking the same question - no response yet.  I suspect they are not going to enable reporting services and but do not want to get that word out too soon -;0)

  • Hi Alan,

    I apologize for the confusion on this.  It looks like the feature is still disabled at this time, however the rest of Access Services are working in the manner the Standard Service Description notes (

    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric,  yours Service Requests are waaaaay  backed up evidently, this seems to be a quicker way to get some feedback with the program.  Not being able to get any feedback on this requirement does have an impact on my project load, without the reports I will refocus my design/upgrade efforts elsewhere.  

    This would have facilitated a nice addition to my offerings but my customers require the reporting functionality.  Will check back next year -;0)

  • Thanks, Eric. When will it be turned on?

  • Hiya folks. When will reporting services be switched on?

  • Hi Alan,

    Sorry for the late reply.  I hope that you had a great holiday weekend!

    In terms of a timeline, that information hasn't been communicated to me as of yet.  As soon as anything changes, I'd be happy to let you know so that we can get this tested out for you.


  • I have just paid for a subscription and would have thought it would be fully operational.

    Not very impressed as access database functionality was main reason to subsribe!

    How long before it will work fully?

  • I know that has the reporting features enabled and the database  publishing enhancements offered in SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (Office 365 is not running Service Pack 1 yet)

  • is also a very large jump in monthly fees currently running at $49 to $99 per month for a small business, not sure they evene offer all of the features you see over here on the basic plan either - ;0)
  • Were there any other questions regarding this issue Alan?

  • No, there aren't any. Thanks, Mike. I just need to know when Office365 will switch on reporting in Access Services.

  • Hiya Marvin,

    Yes, are a good bunch and I would liked to have stuck with them. However, for us in the EU there are data protection issues with using sites hosted in the US (and lots of other places). The last I checked, was not compliant unfortunately. MS have servers in Europe so should be OK. It would just be good if they were as good with their own product as are and as forthcoming with helpful information. If I was working in the US, I'd be with without a doubt because they seem big enough to work professionally and to be trusted to handle all the complexities involved, yet thoughtful enough to be able to talk with their customers. The folks at MS seem decent enough, but no information is forthcoming despite people keeping on asking in various forums.

    Anyway, what are the "database publishing enhancements offered in Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack 1", please (if you have time to explain)?

  • Alan,


    SP1 enhancements for Access involving Sharepoint:


    The Relink Lists command is missing from the ribbon of client database applications.
    Syncing a large amount of data over a slow network with heavily constrained bandwidth does not work.
    When bulk operation queries are executed against a SharePoint list that contains a lookup to a list that has not been fetched, an error message is displayed that states that the query cannot be executed. Subsequently trying to open that list results in an error.
    After you rename a published table, create a new table that has the same name, and then sync, the new table is deleted.
    Tables that were created from Application Parts or from Access 2007 templates silently lose rows when they are moved to SharePoint if the first text field is null.
    After a server upgrade, a published Access database crashes when data is updated.
    Access displays the ID instead of the "Title" (name) of the user when SharePoint list data is imported  for a SharePoint Person/Group field that has no "ShowField" set or a "ShowField" that can't be handled,
    Publishing of client forms that have embedded images from Access is extremely slow.
    When you delete columns from a sublist that is part of a datasheet form and that uses the totals row, a crash occurs.
    Connecting to a SharePoint document library, long URLs appear as empty when opened within Access as linked tables in 2010-compatible cached mode.


    from here:


    Hope that helps,


  • I also need to know when this will be turned on.

  • Thank you, Josh.