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Enabling SharePoint Online for External User Access

  • Office 365 has finalized its feature set and the way in which we manage SharePoint Online.  As a result the way in which you enable and invite external users (non-Office 365 users), so the following is a list of steps to help you accomplish this goal:



    When you want to invite someone from outside of your Office 365 environment to collaborate in your SharePoint Online website, there are a few configurations you will need to do, in order to allow sending invitations to these external users.  If these are not performed you may find the following error when sending a SharePoint Online External user a site invitation:



    The General Availability (GA) refresh bits may have disabled the External User Invitations site collection feature, requiring you to re-enable this function.


    Enable External Access to your SharePoint Online Website

    Browse to your SharePoint Online Tenant Admin website, using a similar URL:

      1. Enter your Office 365 Tenant Global Admin credentials

    1. Click the Manage Site Collections link


    2.  Click the Settings Link à Manage External Users


    3.  Click Allow to enable Site Collections to send external users invitations to the SharePoint Online Website



    • Browse to your SharePoint Site collection where you want to invite an external user and click Site Actions à Site Settings and click the Site Collection Features to Activate the External User Invitations feature





    • Click the Site Actions à Share Site option

    1. Site Actions à Share Site

    2.  Enter the LiveID you want to invite and click Send


    3.  You will be given a response to your send operation


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  • Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for providing us the steps to enable SharePoint Online for External User Access.

    I think others may benefit from the suggested steps.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Kylin Yang.

  • Is this activated by default on the P1 plan? I'm not sure if I went to my P1 plan's site collection's settings before and activated the feature, but a quick check just now showed me that it's active.

  • Hi Rene,

    You are right, this is activated by default on the P1 plan.

    P1 plan's Microsoft Online Portal screen is a little difference from E3 Plan. Ryan provide us an E3 plan example.


    Kylin Yang.

  • Suggestion: fix the graphic related to Step 1 so that the InfoPath Web Service Proxy link is not highlighted. Makes Step 1 a hair confusing.

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