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Sharepoint online - Moving files in browser

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Is there a shortcut method to rearrange files via the sharepoint team site?  We're using macs and work either in Chrome or Safari.  As I understand, there's no ability to drag and drop or get explorer view via these browsers.  Therefore is there another way to quickly reorder document files?

Many thanks

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  • Is the "send to" link available in the drop down for a doc like this?


  • Hi,

    Yes it is, but then it asks for to enter the url path, which seems long an elongated ways to do it.  Are there any other options?  Are we missing something?

  • Hi Japaca,

    As I understand, you would like to manage the files in your SharePoint Online site more conveniently. Is that correct?

    Currently, getting explorer view is not supported via Chrome or Safari.

    As the method mchv2.0 referred to, you can manage the files by using the Send To button.

    When you select Send To other location, the Destination document library or folder you should enter is the URL of a library. To get the URL, you can enter the library settings page to check.

    Meanwhile, you can create Content Organizer rules to route documents. To determine how to route a document, Content Organizer uses rules that you create. Rules are based on a combination of content types and metadata.

    You need activate content Organizer in the site feature first.

    For more detailed information about this, you can refer to the following link:


    Kevin Cui

  • No, you have to paste in the url. It would be easier if it opened a browse box but doesn't in Windows either.
  • What plan are you using?

    You can use Content and Structure to Move and Copy multiple documents.

    Content and Structure does take along versions of documents but when you "MOVE" the file, not COPY.

  • Hi Japaca,

    How are the things going?

    In addition, do you need further assistance on this issue?


    Kevin Cui

  • I am having the same issue as Japaca. I'm wondering if there will be an easier solution in SharePoint 2013 for mac users? Using "Send To" and sending files one by one is laborious. Secondly, I'm now concerned that the "Send To" creates a copy and doesn't bring along the version information as Isha Kapoor mentioned above.

  • Hi Sherry,

    Using the Send To button will not keep the version information. You can refer to Isha’s suggestion to use the Content and structure. To use that, please click Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Content and structure.

    Kevin Cui

  • Office for Mac should have a feature called Msft Document Connection which is similar to Windows Explorer.