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how can i remove the "created at" line from rss feeds

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i would like to remove the "created at" from the rss feeds of files in sharpeoint online

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  • the problem is that i only selected to list 'title' and 'modified' and 'created at' shows up on the rss feed

  • and from the screen shot i do clearly see that your rss feed includes the created at right beneath the word checkpoint

  • Hi chaim,

    The URL of the listfeed page should be

    Actually the files under /_layouts folder are not allowed to modify, I confirm this in SharePoint designer. I received error message: files in the _layouts folder are not available for editing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Meanwhile if you have some concerns about the "RSS Feed" in Office 365, I would suggest you submit a feedback at
    Your suggestion will be very important for us to improve the quality of service.

    Allen Qiu

  • man that sucks

  • also can you check if i can change the link line of the rss feed to instead of showing the url adress it should show the title with a link to the individual page

  • One way to correct the date might be to make a new template and overwrite the old one everytime you create new pages. It should show the date the new pages are created not the old....unless it shows the date the original page was created? Extra step but easy to do.
  • this is correct but if you muliply this simple process times 30 or 40 per a normal workday it will amount to a lot of extra time

  • Hi chaim,

    Do you mean the RSS feed in By default Office 365 RSS feed show us the title with a link, see the snapshot in my previous post. I am not quit sure the source data Google feedburner took from SharePoint list, it might be we can change the date resource of title line by customizing code.

    Allen Qiu

  • ok how?

  • Apart of this discussion on modifying the RSS of list .. If you really want to customize the columns returned you can use a Content query Webpart and turn on the Feed in webpart's properties. This will show the feed of CQWP columns only. So this way you get a to choose what you need to display in the feed.

  • isha,

    how can i then get the URL of the rss feed to use lets say in google feed burner?

  • should be the same way you use other list feed.

    This is how you configure it  -

    See one of the guys who had similar issue -

  • your process is on sharepoint designer im looking for a sharepoint online solution

  • also do you have a solution to the 5,000 public website pages limit problem

  • Hi chaim,

    The 5000 limit is not the hard limit for the total number of items, actually it's a view relevant issue.

    You can created filtered views based on the column, for your reference:

    Allen Qiu