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Sharepoint online and Dynamics CRM

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Hi All

         Im new to the wonderful world of Microsofts Dynamics (CRM), Ive been asked to develop a sharepoint site that has a custom list that pulls information from the Sales area of our CRM system. So we have an area/container (not sure the correct CRM Termnology is yet) that has customer information (names, contact details, address etc) in it i need to generate a custom list in sharepoint with that data stored in CRM


Just a few things to note:


We use the online (cloud based versions) of both Sharepoint 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I've downloaded and Activated the CRM List WSP file on my sharepoint site and i followed this link from MS


I set all of this up fine with no problems the closest i came was when i completed the above it actually connected to our CRM system but created a document library with all the customers details not the custom list that i wanted. So i dont know how to import data from CRM and populate it into a custom list in sharepoint


Because we dont have an on premise install of CRM there is no SQL server I could have just created a data connection to the SQL server directly and pulled in the data that way but im afraid since were using the cloud versions of both products there are no SQL servers i can access.


Any help anyone can give id be extremely grateful.



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  • Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for posting here. To integrate CRM with Office 365, you need do the following steps:

    1.Download the List Component.
    2.Extract it locally.
    3.Navigate to your SharePoint Online Team Site and to the Site Settings. Galleries –> Solutions.
    4.Upload the List Component you extracted in Step 2.
    5.Log in to your CRM Online instance (Settings->Document Management->Document Management Settings).
    6.Select the entities for which you want to enable SharePoint Online integration and enter the applicable SharePoint Online site where you installed the list component.
    For your reference: CRM Integration with Office 365, Benefits and Installation

    In your IE settings, also add “*” to your Trusted Sites.

    As far as I know, the entities you selected will be automatically created on the SharePoint site. On the Document Management Settings page, you may try to modify the URL of custom list, for example, To verify if the information will be imported to the custom list. If it doesn't work, you can move the items between lists, you have the following methods to move items:
    1.Using the Content and Structure feature ( and selecting the items you wish to copy and pasting them in the new list.
    2.Opening the list by exporting to Excel and copying the corresponding cells into the new list.
    3.Take a look at the article below if you choose to use Datasheet view or exporting the list to an Excel spreadsheet.

    If there are anything unclear, please feel free to contact us.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Allen

                 Thank you for your reply, I did steps 1-6 before posting the question above. The only thing that happened was a CRM Document Library was created on my sharepoint site from the CRM records in the sales area of our CRM. I need all that data to populate into a custom list not a document library.

    I tried your suggestion of modifying the URL on the document management settings page to add the custom list but i got an error  "The URL that you specified is not a valid Sharepoint URL, Verify the URL and try again"

    Unfortunatly i cant move the data between lists as all the informtaion is still up on CRM its not in sharepoint yet.

    Basically the ultimate goal is i need to display data within CRM on a sharepoint page as a dashboard. My initial thoughts was to import the data from CRM into a custom list and then create a dashboard using that list. My thinking was if the data gets changed in CRM it should update the custom list which in turn should update the dashboard.

    Thats why i need to import the data from CRM to a list to create the dashboard

  • Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for getting back. I understand you prefer the CRM Documents in the sales area of your CRM to be populated into a custom list not a document library, is it right? To be honest, I am not sure if it’s possible the records from CRM to be populated into a custom list. When I was doing the research, I saw a similar question posted in CRM form, the link is:

    In terms of your requirement, I think the contact list is a alternative way. You can import contacts from either a comma separated values (.CSV) file or from the user directory. For questions about this and how to import, check out the link below.

    To edit contents of a custom list and also allow cut and paste of simple text data from a spreadsheet, try using the Datasheet view from a custom list you create. This is found under the List tab of the List Tools ribbon. Finally, if there is already a spreadsheet with data inside, you can use the Import Spreadsheet list to create a list from the file. The link provided below may be dated, but the information is useful. Hopefully one of these methods will be helpful to getting the items into a list. Let us know your progress.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Allen

                  Thanks again for getting back to me again im really grateful, I know what you mean i've having serious trouble finding out how to do this.

    I found a webinar online from Microsoft

    46 mins in is bascially what im looking for (they use BCS) with an on premise version of  sharepoint 2010 so it looks like to can be done. But the problem is we dont have on premise Sharepoint or CRM at the moment in my company We use CRM online and Office 365.

    So im not sure if i can do they above in a cloud based sharepoint / CRM.

  • Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your sharing.  Have you ever tried all those steps and how are the thins going on?

  • Hi Anthony,

    How are things going on your side? If you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to contact us. I watched video you provided, since office 365 designed for end user. So we are not able to access to lots of settings on server side. I am not sure if it's possible to do they above in a cloud based environment. Generally speaking, there are two ways to connect external data on SharePoint Online.

    1. We can use BCS to connect external data, for your reference:

    2. SharePoint Designer 2010 also provide a function to connect outside data. For your reference: Introducing SharePoint Designer 2010(please refer to Connect to data inside and outside of SharePoint section).

    If there are anything unclear, please feel free to let me know.

    @Melissa, thanks for your efforts.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Allen

                Cheers thanks i reckon i'll have to go down the sharepoint designer route as when trying to use BCS it tells me im not allowed use this feature connecting to an external data source (so im guessing its restricted from the cloud) I can try and create a data source from SP designer and hopefully i can connect that way. Thanks again for all the help im grateful for the reply.

  • Hi Anthony,

    I'm glad to hear that my suggestion is helpful to you. If you have any other questions when using Office 365 in the future, welcome to post in the forum.

    Allen Qiu