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website reports

  • Are there any website reports (ie number of visitors and page usage reports) available in Office 365 similiar to Office Live?



  • Mark,

    Site reports is a feature not yet included in Office 365. However, you can use Google Analytics  to track visits and activities on your site.

  • Hi Mark,

    As Ous_Veritz mentioned, Reports are not yet included/enabled within Office 365.  

  • Did you have any other questions on this issue?

  • O365 does include page stats but it is not in a graphical format. The stats can be saved to Excel which can then be used as data for a graph. I've created a spreadsheet to do this. I wanted to add a screen shot to the mesage but don't know how to do that.


    The spreadsheet includes instructions and macros to simplify usage. You can find in on the Free stuff page on my site:



  • You can also -->Add Performance Reporting to Office 365

  • The Reporting WebBuilder is suggesting uses Googles Analytics. I looked at their capabilities and found them way over the top for what I wanted, more complicated than what I want and I didn't want to have to sign up for yet another service. I've also updated my offering to further simplify (I hope) generating the Excel Graphs.  My spreadsheet is free with no signup requirements, nor do you have to add code to every page on your site and you can (if desired) modify it as you see fit.

    The only downside I currently see is that you can't post dynamic updates on your site for visitors to view. However, I'm not sure you would want to do that anyway. Perhaps that information is best kept to yourself.

    Again, You can find in on the Free stuff page on my site:

  • The only problem I have in using the Office 365 reports is that I find the counters not working right. They are wrong and inaccurate.

    On May 1st, my highest traffic date: 

    Maybe it is just my website/system?

  • Your suggestion that the data is inaccurate in an interesting one. I sincerely hope an O365 Rep will weigh in on this subject to offer their response.

    That said, if others still find my offering (see prior post above) appealing, I've modified the site hyperlink to point to a ZIP file that contains the main reports spreadsheet and the other support spreadsheets that contain sample data. This provides a glimpse of what the graphical reports will provide.

    BTW WebBuilder, I know that the  info you provided on your site for the Google reports took some time to develop. Kudos for supplying a valuable service to the O365 community.