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A Record Characters

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Good day,

I am attempting to put in an A record with the following as the hostname/alias:




However, when I attempt to do so, I get the following error:


"The host name that you typed is not valid. Host names must have at least one character, and can include only letters, numbers, and hyphens. A hyphen cannot be the only character, nor can it be the first or last character in the host name."


However, I can added A records with hyphens and periods at all of my other hosts that I work with, Microsoft is the only one that is not allowing me to make that entry.


Any assistance would be appreciated.




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  • @ RY,

    The A record is "@".

    You can refer to the article below:

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  • This is for a different usage.  I already have the typical @ record.

    In this case, I need to enter in the above noted DNS entry in addition to the @ record.

  • As far as I know, it's not supported in 365 currently.

  • There's no need to use 365's limited dns service. Switch nameservers back to your registrar (or 3rd party host) and you can add whatever they will allow.

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  • Hi RY,

    How are things going?
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    Larry He

  • This is not supported with our SOHO account, so I guess we will need to upgrade to Enterprise, correct? (to be able to manage our own DNS?)

  • Hi Rsales,

    When you add an A record or CNAME record for your domain, you're just adding the bit before the '' part. So if you wanted to add a CNAME of, you'd enter it in the wizard as a CNAME of mycname, and it would automatically become when you added it. The main difference between the two options is that the A record needs to point to an IP address whereas the CNAME needs to point at a domain name.
    You may refer to the link below:

    Eric Sun

  • Thanks Eric...I appreciate that, but your answer misses the mark completely.

    I have a need for a patricular entry "resolve-to.www" that will point to an IP address.  It needs to be this specific A record "resolve-to.www".  However, as I mentioned, the 365 domain manager will not allow me to enter this as an A name record (despite all of my other web hosts allowing that entry).

  • Hi RSales,

    I'm a P1 user too, you want to add a A record to Office 365, you means the A record like the picture below:

    I have just add it and point to an IP address, it's OK.


  • BigFish, thanks, but it won't let me add the period in it though, which is what I need for my application.

  • Hi RSales,

    I notice that you want to add A record like “resolve-to.www”, the A record in my screen shot isn’t the same as yours. As far as I know, Office 365 doesn’t support this kind of A record, I think you can refer to mchv2.0’s advice, or you can upgrade to Enterprise.


  • Hi RSales,

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    Eric Sun