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PowerPoint Broadcast and SharePoint Online

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  • I always wondered what is the benefit of using Broadcast in SharePoint againts broadcasting with Lync. I found the second way to be easier and more interactive.

    It's glad to know we were on the correct track.

    Thank ou Mike for the FAQs page!

  • I can confirm I have received such e-mail

  • In the scenario where the Office Broadcast Service is not allowed through the corporate firewall or is against company policy, and Lync is not used, what are options for users to continue using this type of service? Go with a different company like GoToMeeting?

  • Is there any reason why Lync can't be used?

  • Key question, who is your audience?  Is it a wide range of people, platforms, varying expertise, varying rights over managing their own machine.


    Would you use SharePoint broadcast when a Lync Online audience exceeds 1000 attendees? -


    Or perhaps use SP broadcast when your audience is unable to install Lync web client or Lync Attendee client.  Or the prerequisites for Lync web client are missing, namely Silverlight.  Maybe your audience is very computer illiterate and would struggle to install any software, even the Lync web client. They may not be Local Admins on their machine, or they may be in a highly regulated and locked down standard operating environment on their desktops.  SP broadcast only requires a browser to be installed.  No add-ins, no clients.  


    "Broadcast Slide Show enables attendees to quickly connect to a slide show broadcast through the Web without requiring any additional client software installation.

    Supported browsers include:

    This would be the more likely reason for using SP broadcast.


    I think Lync has matured and offers more features for broadcasting a PowerPoint.  

    It seems SharePoint broadcast was intended for onsite use, fo those who didn't have a Lync infrastructure or businesses who subscribed to Live Meeting services.

    This from TechNet, published article in May 2010


    "Broadcast Slide Show is a new capability in Microsoft Office 2010 that enables presenters to broadcast a slide show from Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to remote viewers who watch in a Web browser. Broadcast Slide Show provides organizations with a low-infrastructure presentation broadcast capability that works through the Web."


    My opinion is, now that Lync Online is so easily accessible, use it.  It has more features.

    But if your audience is likely to be HUGE or not have admin rights and missing Silverlight, use SP PowerPoint broadcast.



    Darrell Webster

  • how do i make a powerpoint on here

  • Hello Ciaranicole

    I'm not sure I understand the question.  Do you want to know how to upload a PowerPoint to and display it in a post?

    If so, it would be better to post a new thread in the forum, perhaps here:

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