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Word will not open documents

  • Hi, I don't know which forum to post this in, so here it is.

    In our company we have a girl who suddenly cannot edit documents in Word.

    When she opens the document it can be viewed in Web App but not edited.
    And it will not open in word (Office 2010 Pro Plus).


    I don't know what to do! The error suddenly appeared, and she is active user and everything.


    ...Please help

    Jan Aakjaer - Mission Afrika, Denmark

  • We are experiencing the same issue.  User cannot open Word or Excell document.  Permission are ok and user was the one who uploaded the document.

    Glenn - KITCO Fiber Optics

  • Hi janaakjaer,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support.

    It is important to note what happens if a different user attempts to edit a document in Word on the girl’s computer or the girl tries to edit a document in Word on another computer.

    Generally this issue relates to a corrupt Microsoft Office installation.  To resolve this issue, I recommend that you repair or re-install Microsoft Office Professional Plus on the failing computer.  For Office Professional Plus for Office 365 installations, review the section titled Repair Office installation and services by selecting the following link: General troubleshooting in Office Professional Plus for Office 365.

    I also recommend that you verify the machine has the latest updates applied by clicking on the links below: Update Center for Microsoft Office, Office Servers, and Related Products.

    It is also recommended that you install the latest updates and configure your computers for use with Office 365.  The following links and instructions detail that process:

    Microsoft Office 365 for Professionals and Small Business

    Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for a few days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.

  • Hi Jonis

    If the girl logs on Sharepoint on another computer, she can open and edit files in Word.

    And when a co-worker uses her computer to acces Sharepoint, he can log in and edit files in Word (though a little slower).

    I have tried to repair her Office version, but it did'nt seem to work. She can use Office as usual - it is only when she goes through Sharepoint (Office365) that the problem is there.

  • We submitted this problem to Microsoft and the technician had us delete the files in the Microsoft OfficeFileCache located C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\14.0\OfficeFileCache

    This worked for us.

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  • Hello GRChamb...

    You should change your name to GRChamp !

    We followed your example, and now everything works.

    Thank You very much!!!

  • Glad to help.  I hope others can find this thread when they are having this issue.

  • Unable opening may denote word file corruption  

    for opening word file make use of next software