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How do you delete a "zone" brought over from the free version?

  • I find this just as frustrating as the free version. The only bells and whistles are the apps and now I'm paying for this? I see no difference in the design features. Does someone know where I can go to read about how to use this better?
  • Hi TCRI,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support.

    To delete or change the zones on your SharePoint Online public-facing website, use the Office 365 web design tool layout ribbon option.

    From your Website select the Web Page Home to open the Office 365 Web Design Tool.  On the Web Design Tool ribbon select the Design tab and use the Layout dropdown to change the zones.

    The following link contains a number of articles detailing how-to design a public-facing website in SharePoint Online: Designing a public-facing website

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for a few days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.