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How to add a Twitter feed

  • Hi. Like most, I find  Twitter and Facebook are essential tools in relational marketing.

    So I am taken aback to find no obvious way of inserting say, my Twitter feed into my Public facing website. Can the PayPal Gadget be harnessed?

    How do I integrate a blog into Office 365

    Or is it a case of set up a blog elsewhere and insert an  html link? 


  • Hi Richard,

    This is Justin with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.

    At this time, there is no built in functionality to add Facebook or Twitter controls to the public facing site using the editor.  Using a custom solution or code to implement this will be outside the support scope of the SharePoint Online team, but it should be fairly simple to achieve.

    For example with Facebook, most functions I have seen (Recent Activity, Like button etc.) all you have to do is go to the Facebook developers page and cut and paste the code they generate for you into the HTML gadget.  I don't believe HTML5 will work but the iframe version of the code should work perfectly with this gadget.  Hopefully the community will have some suggestions to add a Twitter widget.

    As far as creating a blog site, there has also been some activity on the community about this.  Adrian appears to have a good solution at the end of the thread listed below.

    Kind Regards,

    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • If you want to incorporate a 365 blog onto your public site, try this:

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  • Here is a simple work around inspired by Ken Symicek of fame

    Hope this works for you :-)

  • The above workaround was actually originated by jean marc of neopartners and you may find this code converter an easier way to do it.
  • Apologies for my newbie oversight. jean marc of neopartners  code converter is an elegant solution.

  • No apology necessary - a lot of sites copy ideas and don't give proper credit which gives the impression they came up with them.  I did develop the code generator but jean marc was the first one I saw to suggest using the Paypal module to render code and I believe credit should go where it's due. 

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  • Enough is enough, Jean gave that code/method to public domain. If you go to his website and check (it is in French) he says all can use it, for documents, training, software ...

    So all I did was make is easy and understandable for use in installing gadgets and widgets on an O365.  I didn't copy it from you, mine looks NOTHING like yours.

  • That's funny - I'm guessing the only reason you know the idea came from jean-marc is because I credited him and posted a link to his site when I first wrote about the solution here and on my old site.  I just think it would be nice if everyone did the same.

    PS. Since you mention "public domain', I don't recall giving anyone permission to copy the OLSB url redirect routine, an idea I know I came up with. Yet soon after I published it and people started showing an interest in it, both you and MSFT were posting links to your own articles that looked suspiciously similar.................!! C'est la vie!

  • Richard,

    you can sync Twitter feeds with native (!) SharePoint lists. In this way you have all native list features available, e.g. search or workflows for certain conditions.

    Read more in this blog:

    Just try, thanks. Frank

  • Would be nice but MSFT doesn't support exposing SP content  on the public web site.
  • This is the only solution that I found that works..

  • try This