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Shareopoint changes my webpage after saving

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I am having serious problems with this tool.

1. After I finish my webpage design and save the too creates unerlines and other things on my design page by itself that displays on my webpage instead of what I designed

2. The font function is functioning at random

3. The videos I uploaded are not showing on the actual web page though they are on the esign page

4. Cut and paste is not functioning well

5. The webpage after saving becomes several pages full of spaces 

I need a solution ASAP. How o I get help?

How do I get someone to take a serious look at this tool that is costing me serious financial headaches because I am unable to complete my webpage design because the tool is changing everythig I designed.


Odicelive was so good. Ofice 365 is a big problem. It should not have been roled out yet. Did anyone seriously test this tooL as even basic functions are malfunctioning.

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  • Hi foosthatheal ,

    Since we all use the same tool, and many have built good functioning sites, I would take a second look at just what it is you are doing. You mention cut and paste, that can lead to things that are not as you might expect, depending what you are copying from. It takes time, but it does work, one thing I found is that it is better to make only a few changes at a time, then save and view your work, before you move on.

  • foosthatheal

    Robert is so correct when he says "... can lead to things that are not as you might expect "    

    Please don't paste content directly into your O365 webpages.


  • Hello foosthatheal,

    This is Cody with Microsoft SharePoint Online Support. Thank you for your post about customizing the public website in SharePoint Online.

    I apologize for the inconvenience that this has cause you thus far. As Robert and Ken have said, copying and pasting directly from OLSB to the SharePoint Online website can bring hidden formatting that will cause these types of errors. To remove this hidden formatting, copy text into Notepad or Wordpad on the local computer, and then recopy the text into the SharePoint Online website. Notepad and Wordpad are text programs that remove formatting by default.

    For the video concerns, how have you added the videos to the SharePoint Online website? Did you use the video gadget with HTML code or a URL? Where is the video hosted? You will want to make sure that the information you added to the video gadget it correct, and that the hosted video is valid with that information.

    Please reply to this thread if you have any further questions. Have a great weekend!

    Best Regards,

    Cody Spears

    Microsoft SharePoint Online Support

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  • Hello Foosthatheal,

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or questions.