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Sending email appointments using Sharepoint Online Plan 2

  • Hi All,

          Wanted to ask a noob question before I embark on Sharepoint Online Plan 2. We are planing to use Sharepoint Online as a tool to allow user to book external resources using the Sharepoint Calanders. When a user has booked an external resource, an email with an ics is sent to the external resources email (not internal email). A reply will then be received by the user making that booking to notify the user if the external resource approve or reject the appointment.

         Is that something Sharepoint Online Plan 2 is able to do?


    Also, can Sharepoint Online Plan 2  publish or even subscribe to calanders outside of Office 365 e.g gmail calanders or groupwise calanders?



  • SharePoint Online does not support outgoing email. If you plan to build (an approval) workflow, your "externals" will need an Office 365 license in order to receive mails from the workflow.

    See this article "Workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2010: A quick reference guide" ( for more

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  • Hello KenMC,

    This is Jason Burnside from Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Support.

    Thanks for coming to the communities with your concerns sending email appointments using the SharePoint Online Plan 2.

    Did you find Jesper’s information helpful? Thanks for the post Jesper.

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

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  • Hi Jesper and Jason,

      Thanks for replying. Is there any plans in Office 365 that allows me to do what I need to do? Enterprise Plan 3 maybe? Or is it just a restriction with the Sharepoint offering on Office 365.



  • Hello KenMC,

    Unfortunately, it is a SharePoint Online restriction.

    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or questions.