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More than 5,000 images

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On Office Live I had 12,000 images of old postcards. Each image being named by a 2 letter UK County code (e.g. Lo for London) followed by a 3 digit number.

I have successfully migrated to Office 365 EXCEPT for the images. It will only upload 5,000 and then I get

This view cannot be displayed because it exceeds the list view threshold (5000 items) enforced by the administrator.

as I am the administrator and have imposed no such threshold, this doesn't make sense. I've tried to research it and it mentions views. I've created views for the images prefixed by av and bd (e.g. using a Title contains av) but I still get the above message.

Is 5,000 the view threshold or the total number of images threshold?

Can I have any number of images, as long as I don't try to display more than 5,000 at once?

I'll happily delete them and start again but as I've gone over 5,000, I can't see them to delete them.

 My 12,000 images on Office Live had filled almost the limit of 500Mb, so the prospect of 10Gb on Office 365 was a big incentive, but if the limit on images is 5,000 then I'm totally stuck.

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  • Hi again,

    Thanks for posting your information John.  Was this helpful to manage the files Postcards? Let us know your progress.

    Thanks much,

    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • I'm on a 6 month free trial trying to see if Office 365 will work for me. At the moment the answer is no, but I'm stuck with my 'Feasability Study' until I can sort my images, which you seem to be saying I can't resolve until I start subscribing.

    Please respond to this and my above observation. I can't believe that no one in the history of Sharepoint has ever got stuck with > 5000 items before.

  • Sorry - I hadn't noticed we had gone onto page 2, so ignore my comments below. I will try the above.

  • Hello again,

    Thanks for following up so quickly on your progress.  As explained in my earlier post, this view limit is not the limit of the library but of the number of items that can be viewed at once.  This was not set by you, it is the limit for all online customers per view, and cannot be changed for the online version of SharePoint.  For a better understanding of why this is the threshold, take a look at the article below.  Note that this is for the on premise version SharePoint Foundation, and you cannot make changes in Central Administration in the online counterpart.

    This article will also detail how to create filtered views based on indexed columns, which will help you to view fewer items at a time and get around the error message.  Let us know your progress on the issue.


    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Thank you - the last idea worked and I am now down to 4995 images, so all my previously defined views work. So I'm progressing.

    However ..... when I try to go through the laborious process of re-inserting all my images, it only gives me the option of inserting from a single image on my computer, or ALL uploaded images (in other words as soon as I add another 6 images (singularly, from my computer) I will be stuck again).

    A previous response on this thread suggested I would be able to insert images from views - but how? I've tried making one of my views the default, but it ignores that and always goes to all images.

  • You can create folders within the document library. Each folder is subject to the 5,000 item limit. What I have done is create folders and add items to the folders so I can store a large amount of data in one library. You can have numerous folders. Would that solution work?

  • Please bear with me but I'm getting confused. I need to explain what I'm trying to do.

    The way my website operates is that each web page (710 of them) has a number of images with a description of the image + an image number - (the actual file name of the image which my customer can refer to when ordering e.g. Lo-123 for a London postcard) - + the image.

    I currently have all my images (11,000) in Picture Libraries in folders (uploaded after a previous suggestion), but I can find no way of accessing these images when I'm building web pages (I've said before that I don't understand the purpose of these libraries for a website - I do see the purpose for shared office documents, but I have no one to share them with).

    I also have 4996 of the images (i.e. not all) in  'site images', but this is all I can access when I'm building web pages. The 'site images' interface allows the creation of views, which I've done, but not folders.

    Ideally I would proceed by uploading the other 6000 images and then insert them on the relevant web pages by using 'Insert Image from uploaded images' and choosing them, but, as it stands, once I go over 5000 images, this will be impossible unless I can choose from views, which I can't.

    My least preferred option, but do'able (I hope), is to upload all the images, and then insert each image onto web pages using HTML to point at the site images.

    I hope that clarifies my situation.

  • According to the article linked to above, the limit is imposed on views to prevent a user from locking up too many items from other users. I'm not clear if you've tried this but one approach would be to set a limit below 5000 on the "All Items" view and any other views in use. That should allow you to continue to upload. The unanswered question though is how the insert image function in the editor uses the data. It does show items from all views  as far as I can tell but  I'm not sure what happens if the sum of items from different views exceeds the 5000 number.
  • I limited the "All items" view to 4995 but it will not now display (I eventually get a 'not responding' message on the Task manager and have to terminate.

    When I tried adding images to a view, it stopped once the total of all views had got to 5000.

    I wanted to try deleting the 'All item' view but I can't now access it to amend it.

    I'm stick again.

  • I've found that I can use HTML to access my images from the Picture Library, so the problems with the restrictions on Siteimages no longer matters. This has all been very disappointing - I can't believe that no one else on 365 has more that 5000 products to sell.

    Before I go off to spend the next 2 months inserting all the images via HTML, perhaps you can answer one last question which would make life a little easier.

    I have 710 web pages. These are listed in 30's. To work on the last page I have to click next 23 times, which is tedious. (I know I can open the first page and then use Go To, but this is also tedious). Is there a way of showing All Pages in one go (as I could on Office Live)?

  • You can change the number of items shown in the Pages view but it requires a bit of work because MSFT has hidden the ui tools needed.

    From the team site, site actions>>site settings>>Go To Top Level Site Settings

    SiteAdmin>>Site libraries and lists>>Customize Web Pages

    Here under "Views" you can create a new view with a higher "Item Limit" so more pages show in the list.

    Click "create view" and fill in the boxes. Make it the "default view" if you want that view to show up.


    Another way to access this:

    Open the site in Sharepoint Designer

    Under All Files, right click Pages and select "Properties"

    Under "List Information" COPY the "list id"

    Append this to your domain:


    Replace the red part with the list id you copied.

    When you hit enter you'll see the admin page for the Pages library.


  • That's brilliant - but I never could have guessed it! I thought that there had to be a View somewhere but couldn't find it.

    Memo to Microsoft - "more functionality = less useability"

    My husband teaches Advanced Databases to undergraduates. For the past 3 years they have all been grumbling that Office 7 and Office 10 are becoming less and less useable because of a huge increase in functionality that none of them want.

  • All the same Sharepoint functionality is available to all plans/all types of site. MSFT has intentionally trimmed back features for certain plans/types of site. Easy access to list settings for the public site falls under that category.
  • I'm closing this question here - so that I can spend the next 2 months inserting all the pictures back into my website via HTML.

    As a final observation, if MSFT had kept the images folder as 'images' then my embedded HTML would work and all my images would magically reappear with no work from me. By changing it to Siteimages you have cost me £1000's of lost income while I am repairing it. I'm not clever enough to write a tool to go through and update all the HTML automatically, but I feel that MSFT could have provided such a transitional tool.

    Sorry if I sound disgruntled - but I am.

  • Ouch. One last possibility: if you can open the pages in Sharepoint Designer you can use the find/replace tool to quickly replace every instance of "SiteImages" in the html with "Images". The same could be done with "Open With Explorer" by opening the pages in notepad and using the find/replace there. It may be too late but thought I'd mention it.