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sharepoint worksPce is so slow and seems never end synchronising, please help

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I made a local copy of my teamsite via Share point workspace. In the dialog box it starts synchronising I marked the checkbox close this dialog when finished synchronising. When the dialog is closed i tried to open the workspace but sharepoint workspace is hardley responding. And the floating red bar under the ribbon is almost continuosly present.

All documents are marked with a small pictogram in the front and a response of sharepoint workspace on a mouse click 'takes ages'. I looked what is happening in the background and i noticed that the proces MSOSYNC.EXE and GROOVE.EXE are eating up almost all te processing power. What on earth is happening?

In my opinion I made a local copy of the teamsite, what should be synchronosing in the background then? Also when i try to open a file from the workspace it states that it is not downloaded????  Strange because the synchronisation is finished because the make a local copy dialog box is closed by sharepoint. I waited for an hour and still the same behavoiur. I managed to click on 'search down loaded files' in the ribbon. And after again a long time waiting it shows about 8 files. Very very strange....


Again what on earth is happening here or what is wrong?


I already dropped the entire local copy an made a fresh copy but still the same behaviour.

I have an internet connection with a download speed of 30mbps so that cannot be the problem in my point of view (the teamsite has about 3Gb of information stored). We are way below the limits of permitted storage and numbers of files and at this point the performance droppes down to almost zero. Very very strange. 

Sharepoint workspace with office 365 is a sellingpoint but when you try to use it it ends up to be unworkable. This cannot be the case.

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  • Hello Wilhelmina,

    This is Jason Burnside from Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Support.

    Thanks for coming to the communities with your concerns about SharePoint Workspace acting erratic and slow.

    I noticed that you mentioned that you had 3GB of data in your SharePoint Workspace. Unfortunately, each SharePoint Workspace that you create on your computer is limited to 2GB and a total of approximately 500 files. This may be causing the issues you are receiving when trying to work with SharePoint Workspace. For more detailed information, please check out the following link:

    SharePoint Workspace


    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or any additional questions.

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  • Hello Wilhelmina,

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or questions.

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  • Hmm, i am not pleased with this limitation. I expected that i could synchroinise the documents of my entire teamsite with a local copy. And now i discover this silly limitation. What is a workspace of 2Gb and 500 files.....

    Sharepoint workspaces a nice gimmick in this way and not a real useable serious product for business.

    Is there another way to synchronise a sharepoint documents library with for example a local folder?

  • @Wilhelmina,

    there are 3rd party tools available to sync on-premise content (files, SQL, AD etc.) to the SharePoint cloud (and back, if required), e.g. the Cloud Connector:

  • Thanks for the reply, but if i do not want to pay that kind of prices for a feature that should be working in the Microsoft package. Office365 looked great for small business. But not all the promoted functionality is working as you should expect. Microsoft has to work on that.

    At this point i think will stop using 'the toy' Sharepoint workspace and go ahead with local copies downloaded from the teamsite. This is a bit off a hassle because you have to think ahaed what you need off line. And perhaps a better solution is to make my own cloud drive with simple folder synchronising software.

    I am really disappointed about this.