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how to stop the please wait box in the upload center

  • Hello,

    I am struggling through trying to upload my files to sharepoint. At the moment a have a 642 files which cannot be uploaded. Because it has to be refreshed or the file on the server has been changed. Very curious because i am the only user and uploading fresh files....


    When trying to resolve in the upload center keeps displaying the please wait message. When i manage to open the file and try to save it to the server nothing happens.


    Also it is a hell of a job that you have manually reslove the conflicts one by one..


    please help.

  • Hi Wilhelmina,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support.

    Because of the multi-tenant nature of SharePoint Online, certain file extensions are blocked by default. The following article lists all of the file extensions that are blocked from upload or download by default in a SharePoint list or library.  Click on the link to review the Types of files that cannot be added to a list or library.

    Once you filter out the blocked file extensions, your synchronization should complete.  If a file extension is blocked, you will need to compress the file before you can upload it to a SharePoint Online site.

    When you upload to SharePoint Online for Office 365, there is a 250MB file limit and the upload times out after 20 minutes.  The following link is to an article that details software boundaries and limits.

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for a few days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.

  • Hello Jonis,

    Thanks for your response.

    This problem has nothing to do with blocked file types. I made a local copy of my teamsite from the office365 portal. Then I work with the local copy of the teamsite and in the background it synchronise with the teamsite of office 365. This is one of the sellingpoints of office 365!

    I have read all the information of blocked file types and invalid characters in filenames and that is not the issue.

    I drop a folder in the sharepoint workspace and synchronisation (=upload) starts. Some times you become a message that a number of files are not accepted in a very unfriendly manner because only a number is in the message, how do I find out which files are not accepted and why...)


    Then the strange thing happens that certain files cannot be uploaded because "a refresh is required" or "the file on the server has changed". These messages ar strange because i am the only user at the moment and i am uploading new files!


    Because this conflict occurs with more than 400 files the office upload center is refreshing, refreshing and refreshing (and you can haardley do anything with it). If you manage to try to solve a confilct by opening a file, and follow the advice to save it, nothing happens!

    How is it possible that the upload center reports that the server version has changed or that a refresh is required if I am uploading fresh files and I am the only user?


    I also want to mention the following.

    I started first with an upload of many folders with many files and the upload center could not handle that. Uploading stopped and the upload center freezes (after searching in the forums I found threats about this behavior, you should mention this issue in the documentation!).

    After a restart a dropped al the folders from the teamsite to get a clean start and started over again folder by folder. Then the upload did not freeze but al these strange messages appeared (over 600 and the upload center was again "unworkable", refreshing, refreshing, refreshing....).


    Best regards,