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webpage down for 3 days now and zero help (pages/default.aspx) ?!

  • i have build a new public website in Office 365, so i am able to help customers do the same thing but so far this is a mess.


    i am hosting DNS my self  and its configured with all the right A record and CNAME and the result is terrible. To reach my webpage i need to put in "pages/default.aspx" after my web address. This is a bad joke!


    if i simple use my address i simply hit the office 365 login page?!


    help please. my first post was ignored and now im here again just more fustrated!

  • If the name servers are correct.  i would check on the domains page to see if "Your sharepoint website address is: ------------" the same as the address you type into the broswer.  

  • i changed my sharepoint webpage to isent this correct?

  • Hello Thomas.s,

    This is Jason Burnside from Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Support.

    Thanks for coming to the communities with your concerns about using your vanity domain for your website.

    Do you have a professional and small business account?

    To use your vanity domain for a Professional and Small Business (P1) account, please follow these instructions:

    1)      Add your vanity domain to the domain section of your Microsoft Online Portal

    2)      Complete the process of having your vanity domain verified

    3)      Once the vanity domain is verified, go to your domain registrar

    4)      At the registrar, change the name servers to and  (This process may take up to 72 hours)

    5)      After the name servers are changed, go back to the domain section of your Microsoft Online Portal

    6)      Click on the "change address" option, choose the vanity domain (This process may take up to 24 hours to propagate for you to be able to access your website and for your links in the portal to update to the vanity domain URLs)


    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or any additional questions.

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  • Hello Thomas.s,          

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread for further posts or questions.