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The transistion has completely ruined my google ranking, my business is now ruined

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It has took me five years to build my google ranking up, most of my keywords were top of the organic ranking.  Now I am left with broken links where people have blogged about my products.  I am not even on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages on some keywords.  I have gone from receiving 20-30 orders a day to nothing.  People cannot find me.  You have completely ruined my business.  Not only did it take me nearly 3 weeks to redo over 100 pages and upload 1500 images with no help or aid. You have completely spoilt everything I have worked for.

How are you going to help me.  Surely you have some obligations to help me?


Who, where can I contact to speak to, surely you cannot ruin business like this? 


Tina Greenaway


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  • Dear Ms. Greenway,

    I’m Josh, a community moderator and I have shared this forum thread with a very broad audience in the Office 365 organization and they are now well aware of the situation.

    The first thing I want to say is that we are sorry for the frustration you experienced in this transition and we want to help you fix the situation. We are investigating ways to help you regain your search engine rankings and are consulting with folks on the SharePoint team and with experts in SEO to see what we can do to help you and others in your situation.

    There is an article from the builditon365 folks that describes how you can create pages that will allow search engines to recognize your old web site pages and redirect them to the new pages. You can access the article at The method is not supported by the Office 365 support team but judging from the site visitors’ comments they seem to have had success following their direction.

    In the meantime we will continue to pursue avenues with our engineering teams to determine what additional course of action we can take to help you.



  • Thanks Josh for replying,  I have done this on some pages, but I still find it unbelievable that small businesses have been left in this predicament.  We've all work hard to build our businesses up and thought we were in safe hands!.

    From reading further comments on redirection of the site pages to the new pages it seems that by doing this it could take longer for the search engines to find us! So we are all receiving mixed messages and nothing seems clear.

    I look forward to hearing what the SEO experts say on how to regain our rankings.


  • The redirect method noted above may not be officially supported but was copied not only by builditon365 but also by MSFT in a blog article at the OLSB community, so I guess it's somewhat sanctioned by MSFT. The original work appeared here some time ago:

    How to redirect your old OLSB urls to your new 365 pages 

    with some actual user experiences and helpful comments discussed here: 


    As for the effect on rankings, I developed this technique primarily to prevent 404 errors from back links rather than to shore up rankings. 404's are known to get a domain penalized by search engines whereas the impact of changing urls is harder to gauge and mitigate. So while I would never claim it will help your rankings,  I guarantee it will stop 404's.

  • mchv2.0,

    Be careful how you say that " was copied not only by builditon365 ..."

    My procedure looks nothing like yours. You use JavaScript and Mine uses the Meta Refresh Tag. I explain in detail what happen and you don't. Mine is step-by-step and yours is ahaaaa I don't know.

    If anything MSFT copied mine. But you know what, I don't care, I am just glad it is helping others.

  • Easy know as well as I do I was the only one even talking about this being a problem way back when and in response to numerous posts here developed the technique copied (yes copied ) by you and MSFT. I can dig up the posts where I first suggested it if it bothers you.

    And whether you use javascript or meta refresh is immaterial. The key is replacing the OLSB urls. Initially I suggested both but favored javascript because I don't know if the search engines like meta refreshes.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I suppose - especially when it's MSfT doing the copying. And I've copied plenty of things from others - but I always give credit to the originator if I do. So there!

  • Ok Guys...I had to use both. Web Builder's graphics helped me out with mchv's straight forward approach. Mchv's lacks the 'if you are not redirected....and it's kind of difficult to stay concentrated on his methods w/ all the ad flashing going on, but I used the Sharepoint Designer method I didn't see anywhere else. 

    Both of you as well as drm have been a God Send throughout the transition and beyond. And MSFT has often mentioned you all in this forum.

    Redirecting has got to be better than customers landing on a 404, even if there's penalties w/ the Search Engines.

    Tina you've done it!

    You've awakened the sleeping Lion. Now 'actions will speak louder than words.

    Way To Go Girl!

    What might be cool is to make a graphically pleasing 301 available w/ "This Web Site is now Hosted by the new and exciting MSFT Office 365." "You will redirected in 3 seconds. If you are not redirected please click here".....for starters.

    I personally use Bing 1st as my Search be grand to be found. Google who? But even w/ OLSB referrals from Google were 20 fold Bing or Yahoo or Ask or... combined.

    I can't get that new IE 9 ad song out of head! So maybe that'll change. :)

  • Good Morning Tina,

    Have you noticed any negative actions since you deleted the Sharepoint Sites from your Trusted Sites?

    I used their (365) method and added them and my domain and then deleted cookies and cache.

    Today again, I can't get in to EDIT my site. Yesterday I did after several tries. Worn the buttons out this AM with no luck.

    Thanks, D

    Funny too, another thread where I asked why....answered yesterday with their method but now have added...

    "The above instructions have worked for numerous customers however there was also a user who removed the sites from the trusted sites and was able to access the Edit Website area."

    and then......

    Unfortunately, this is a local issue that happens to some customers and not others so there is not an end all resolution. The resolution may depend on the Operating System, the browser, and the personal user settings.

  • Well, Yesterday I finally got in by repeatedly hitting Edit Web Site, then closing my on-line Site that it was re-directed to, Over & Over, till it finally opened the Web Pages page. Maybe twenty or thirty times - I was so upset I wasn't going to give up till I wore out my Microsoft Mouse.

    Today 1st are you fairing?

  • Back to square one!

    It sees very eractic the ability to edit my site!, the last few days have been fine, no problems editing whatsoever!.  Today I try and yep it's happened again? I cannot edit my site, yet again I get transferred to my public facing site.  why?  why indeed!

    Again the only thing that resolved it was to take my site and sharepoint off the trusted sites (which had appeared again since removing them! and deleting my browser of cookies and history.  

    How many other people of getting issues like this, it seems such a procedure each time it happens!


  • Greetings,


    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    I hope that you were all able to impliment the custom workarounds that have been provided in previous posts to help with your page rankings. Please let me know if your rankings and hits are getting any better.

    I have seen other users posting about this exact issue with editing their public-facing sites. Unfortunately, at the time of posting there was no server issues and I was not able to replicate the issue. The issue has all be a local issue and there is a combination of resolutions that have been used ro resolve the issue. I have seen adding http://* to the trusted sites as a fix, and removing it from the trusted sites resolves the issue in other instances. Deleting temp and history from the local computer will work, then other times you will need to use the developer tools (F12) to clear the cache and cache for this domain along with the session cookies and cookies for this domain. Then others have said when they see this issue, they are able to use another browser to edit their site. A couple hours later, they use Internet Explorer and are able to edit their site without any problems.

    Finally, if you are seeing this issue consitantly, please let me know and forward you the information that you will need to create a service request.



    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • I have seen adding http://* to the trusted sites as a fix

    and removing it from the trusted sites resolves the issue in other instances.

    So are we supposed to just use trial and error and hope for the best or is there a plan to get at the underlying cause of all this instability? 

  • Another Trusted Site, multi-click day.

    MSFT blames USERS' Browsers and Personal Settings.

    I'm using IE 9 everything set to Default. It's their Browser and their Settings that is/are the problem(s) then.

    I like Tina's method of deleting the Trusted Sharepoint sites, that feels good the 1st time, but when they continue to show up ea. day.....

    It enters the realm of my underlying theme of TIME and money. Not to mention my multi-click (take it out on the mouse) method.

    How long has 365 been up and running? Did I miss a patch release?

    This bug is getting to be a real pest, to the point I AM becoming unstable.

    Perhaps it was a designed ploy to make us forget about ALL the other problems.

  • SEO Subscript.

    Can't complain about Google. However I've added Google Analytics to most of my pages.

    Bing is still showing old pages & only with w/ too many Keywords req..  New Site active since early April.

    GA since 4/25. 

  • To give Bing and Yahoo a boost....

    I just added Bing's WebMaster tools to the Site - a damn site easier than Google A - we'll see if they are as informative.

    It Reports both Bing & Yahoo.

    Anyone know if there could be a conflict?

  • Good luck. I'm in the same boat and was stupid enough to pay one of their developers to move everything to 365 and now my customers are getting 404 responses and I'm losing money. And would you ebleive there is no way to actually talk to anyone and get help.