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The transistion has completely ruined my google ranking, my business is now ruined

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It has took me five years to build my google ranking up, most of my keywords were top of the organic ranking.  Now I am left with broken links where people have blogged about my products.  I am not even on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages on some keywords.  I have gone from receiving 20-30 orders a day to nothing.  People cannot find me.  You have completely ruined my business.  Not only did it take me nearly 3 weeks to redo over 100 pages and upload 1500 images with no help or aid. You have completely spoilt everything I have worked for.

How are you going to help me.  Surely you have some obligations to help me?


Who, where can I contact to speak to, surely you cannot ruin business like this? 


Tina Greenaway


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  • Nine visits yesterday.

    I've slipped into obscurity.

    You've done the right things by buying AdWord Space and using facebook to your advantage.

    I'm not one of the 8 Billion people on facebook - for a variety of reasons.

    Office 365 should suffice.

    And I refuse to spend anymore money on this venture.


    The outlay of Time to re-build the Site. (2 weeks on mine alone)

    Not Including the time for Research of how to do so since January.

    The new Domain Registrar Fees

    A Foreign transaction fee for the downunder Melbourne IT !

    Time adding Google Analytics to ea. Page because of the dropping of Reports.

    The changes in the Transition Guide......i.e. copying text.

    Adding all the re-directs to the Root Directory.

    Almost a Total loss of traffic - most traffic so far Friends and Family.

    You can't put a price on all this.

    It's certainly worth more than 6 months free Hosting.

    That was used up in the 1st Hour of Research!

    The only thing that might get MSFT's attention is a massive migration to other Hosts.

    But, if a lot of folks are like me right now, I'm tired of building Web Sites. (I built two other large sites for Clients)

    So they've got me by the gonads.

    I've been a Microsoft person since the early days....pre 95 (MS Dos), the 1st Ergonomic Keyboard, my Mouse and Keyboard today, most all Software, IExplorer not Netscape I could go on and on.

    So like you, I figured they would do us right in the long run.

    But now that Bill has stepped down............

  • OH Crap!


    I didn't add that dilemma above,...  yesterday and now today.

    I guess complaining won't do any good.

    To the contrary it seems.

  • Hi D Max,

    I still had that problem this morning, what I did that resolved it is to go into your Internet options, Security, Trusted sites and clear your site and Office 365 addresses and save.  This worked for me!

  • That's Scary for future stuff I would think.

    I suppose you could add everything back.

    I just read a tread that a MSFT guy suggest to ADD   http://*    to your Trusted Sites

  • TWIMC - Adding "Star dot" to Trusted Sites did not Work.


    Did you happen to read my $ Rant earlier today?

    Do you think MSFT is just being mean?

  • Yes I did and had a chuckle!, but to be honest it's not a laughing matter is it!, the service is terrible

  • I had this problem myself and I raised it somwhere else on this forum. Where I was first on Google search pages I totally disappeared. Only now am I starting to recover in the search engines. Time scale for this recovery THREE MONTHS.

  • Three months!  That is terrible, have you managed to get back to top ranking?


  • And getting worse.

    They should have someone there 24 hrs a day being a World-wide Co.

    I'm up at 3 AM EDT my time, that's 9 in the Morning for you. By the time someone in Redmond WA gets to work its 3 PM for you and my Nap time after a late Lunch.

    By then I've given up for the Day w/ MSFT.

    Uh-Oh I complained again...that probably means another day w/o Editing capabilities!

    I have to get to work.

    I'll cross my fingers and try your solution.

    I just took a Snip of the Trusted Sites JIC.

  • Yikes - 3 months!

  • Hi folks,
    Information about how to fix this situation is available on the O365 Technical blog article Maintain web page URLs from your Office Live website, and linked to from the Office Live Small Business Transition Wiki.


    Please check this wiki page, and the Office Live Small Business Community page for links to information and resources to help you through this migration.

  • Tina, I got an answer from Jason about the Editing situation.

    It was kind of the opposite from your method - but I see why yours worked now.

    Check out the Thread:

    I figured removing cookies would be the answer.

    Adding the Sites as Trusted Sites I could do under Security/Trusted Sites, but I when I tried the same for the Intranet Sites my Computer said you already have in Trusted sites - do want to move.

    I said no.

    Removed the Cache and Cookies under Develoment Tools F12.

    And now I'm in.

    So you basically did the same thing by removing the Sites...their Servers don't find any related Cookies.

  • JRG,

    We took care of that a few days ago.

    And BTW, one does not have to redirect the Default Page.

    But thanks for trying to help.

  • I'm slowly getting my rankings back, but it is starting from scratch, instead of maybe typing two words into a search engine Im now having to type three or four. The link below is from another thread, that was started in Noverber 2011 and has some good information, Microsoft were orginally saying that it would be just a temporary loss in traffic. The man from Google differed.

    But the question eveyone seems to be asking did Microsoft know about this, but didn't tell anyone. As others have stated, you could have have went to another web host

  • Interesting...Thanks SRSM, that was a eye-opening read - now I'm concerned that the re-directs might slow the Rankings for the new /Pages/.

    One thing I see is underlying recurring theme in Posts is a general unhappiness w/ this migration/transition Process.

    I pity those in Support whom have endured this since day one.

    Someone(s) at MSFT have had plenty of time to rectify a lot the gripes.

    Instead they are depending on the community to make the most of what they've given us to date.

    Do you think this will change, and help come down from above?

    Like preferential treatment or bumped up rankings from Bing.

    I've noticed that Google has my new Pages listed, but after the ol' OLSB pages.

    Bing has yet to get a clue.