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The transistion has completely ruined my google ranking, my business is now ruined

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It has took me five years to build my google ranking up, most of my keywords were top of the organic ranking.  Now I am left with broken links where people have blogged about my products.  I am not even on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages on some keywords.  I have gone from receiving 20-30 orders a day to nothing.  People cannot find me.  You have completely ruined my business.  Not only did it take me nearly 3 weeks to redo over 100 pages and upload 1500 images with no help or aid. You have completely spoilt everything I have worked for.

How are you going to help me.  Surely you have some obligations to help me?


Who, where can I contact to speak to, surely you cannot ruin business like this? 


Tina Greenaway


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  • Tina,

    Take a look at / click this -->A workaround for the Page addresses

    It talks about the reason and possible fix.

  • Surely Microsoft should be doing this for us?  there must be something they can do do redirect the links for us?  How many small businesses have been ruined by this?  This is my life, my job I have worked hard for only to find now that no one can find me, all my competitors must be laughing.  Please can someone from Microsoft respond to me, this is ruining me

  • Tina,

    I too have lost basically all traffic to my Site.

    Thanks to Web Builder I have successfully added Google analytics to most of my pages.

    My Site has had only a few visits.

    A couple of my pages had hundreds of hits daily, and the top page outperformed the 2nd place page two fold.

    I may break down and follow Web Builders work around, but it scares me to fool around w/ the Root Directory.

    I read the work around a few weeks ago and immediately put a notice at the top of all my parent pages about the coming Host change and how that they could find the Home page.

    It was in time that the Search Engines cached pages have it included.

    Well, that doesn't seem to have helped.

    Web Builder says it'll be 3 to 6 weeks before the Search Engines will be corrected. Yikes!

    And even then we may not have the old rankings.

    And then as you say the lost business - I can't put a number on it but it was at least half my income now gone for who knows how long.

    And Microsoft 365 is giving us 36 Dollars for the inconvenience. (Free hosting for 6 months)

    Not counting the time lost re-building a Site that took me 3 years to build the 1st time.

    So I feel your Pain, and agree that the folks at 365 should try something to help us out FAST.

    Moderator, Support, can the the powers that be help those us that have stayed loyal please?

    Again I'd like to thank Web Builder for all the help through the Transition.

    And give a "Way to Go" to MSFT Support for helping & staying w/ so may folks that needed help during this ordeal.

  • I feel betrayed too. I went through all that rigmarole to change from OLSB to 365 on the understanding that I would keep the same website address - now I find every page has gained "pages " in its address so all links are worthless and I need to start again. Had I known this, I would have switched providers.

  • Thanks Tina - I'll give it a try.

    Feel really bitter that they have changed our website addresses despite leading us to believe we could just switch domains. And God knows, that was hard enough.

  • Hi D Max

    I am just dumbfounded they have got away with this.  They must have ruined so many businesses and livelyhoods like ours.  These are not just little information sites we had but proper businesses that are now ruined.  Would Microsoft like to start paying my bills now as I've got no income coming in.

    I too have had a look at the web root directory options but am too scared to ruin the website completely then where would we be.  Surely Moderators/Support there has to be something you can do, or at least pay for google advertising for us?

  • I think their lack of reply to this issue speaks volumes on what we mean to them. I shall remember this for a long time and switch as soon as possible.

  • I really wish I'd had the time to move it somewhere else, they have abandoned us.  No answers no nothing, thanks Microsoft

  • I was looking around for an article maybe MSFT would have posted somewhere to explain what has happened to the OLSB sites or how to find them.

    Of course I used Bing :) , nothing....but I did find this:

    It would be great if they would try a Slate article, a notice on MSN, or a Press release or something, just in case if somefolks are trying to find us.

    I haven't tried Google....


  • For some reason you think that Office 365 was designed for hosting Public Websites. It isn't.

    See -->

  • Ken,

    You probably did have a link to that page when I started moving sites to 365, I wish I had seen it.

    Oh well, maybe the cloud collaboration stuff will pay off, at least we've got 6 months to make up our minds......

    Probably will do this all over again and again and again. ( 2 agains -not too bad, 1 again, a major undertaking)

    Thanks, again. But it doesn't solve the problem, and I do I feel mislead to a certain degree.

    As MSFT has gained so many paying customers, maybe they can hire a person to help the Web Site folks gain back visitors lost.

    Of course with the time spent on this thread this AM, I could have re-directed a few pages at least.

    Somehow the tooth I am having pulled tomorrow sounds like more fun.

  • Your site is working well as far as I can tell. What you need is traffic to re-establish the links from search pages. Request your freinds and family to start hitting the site and browsing won't take as long as you think to build the links again. After all Tomorrow is another day, and miracles still happen don't they?

  • Will do.....Thanks, Derrick4

    Yes they do! If your looking - miracles are everywhere.

    The DNS / Domain verification stuff was one I thought :)

  • Thats dreadful, why didb't they tell us this in the first place!

  • Good luck with the tooth!