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public website with sharepoint online..member login and desing problems

  • Hello all,

    I started to created a basic test website to my company, I have purchased the enterprise E3 office 365

    these are the steps i did:

    - i created a new domain

    - I used this url to access it and started to delet some stuff and add some stuff


    my questions are:

    - i unchecked the member login now how can i have my website in edit mode ?????

    - how can i change the tab name in the web browser instead of seeing Home i want to use the company name per exemple when i open the page, is it related to the title ??

    - how can i have a pure blank page and started adding from scratch ?


    I really appreciate your help..thanks in advance

  • Hi,


    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    There is a couple different ways that you can edit your public facing website, and all of these ways will direct you to the same area.


    1. You can append the URL of your public-facing with _layouts/wh/Editor/default.aspx ( or


    2. You can click on the Edit website link from the Administration Portal.



    3. You can click on the "Website" link from your Team Site in the Top Link navigation bar




    To change the name of a page, you need to navigate to the area in the screen shot above, put the check mark in the box next to the page that you want to rename and then click on properties. In the properties, you will have the ability to change the Page title and Navigation title. Once you apply the changes it will change the name in the navigation bar.


    To create a "Blank" page, you can create a new page and use the "General" template. The general template will give you a simple blank page.


    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.


    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Thank you very much Tim for your help, it worked and now i want to go to public, i have created a domain for the exchange and lync and i created a second domian for the sharepoint.

    I bought the domain from godaddy, I have already configured the exchange domain step by step as it says in the office 365 help, and its working fine since 3 weeks, but now i want to configure the domain in godaddy so the website it just i go to my domain in go daddy and next to the www i type ?

  • i think in the domain registrar next to www i should write instead of just right ?

  • Hi,


    I am sorry for my delay in replying. You will want to make sure that your domain has been verified through your Office 365 subscription first. After the domain has been verified, you will want to go to your domain registrar and change the name servers to point to Microsoft. The Microsoft name servers are and



    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support