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SERVICE DOWN !!! Microsoft Not Responding!!!

  • No emails are getting sent from SharePoint at all. This has broken all of our workflows, no one is getting alerts, and major business processes are affected due to this issue. If you ask me this is a MAJOR service interuption for Sharepoint. Email alerts are a critical component!


    I have tickets open , but Microsoft has not even acknowledged a problem exists!!! Come on man, how the heck can operations screw stuff up so bad? What kind of idiots are managing Office 365 servers?  Its like a probblem every freakin Month. This is a critical business outage. !!!!



  • Hello Larry

    This is Chris with Microsoft Online SharePoint Support. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I did find out this is a known issue that has started affecting a few servers. They are in the process of getting this fixed of course, but as I stated on the phone, I did submit a separate escalation for your SharePoint site.

    I would like to provide you with a summary of the items we discussed

    •         You had called in, stating that your Welcome E-mails, Alerts and Workflows were not working

    •         We started an Easy Assist session and I took some screenshots of the reproduced errors

    Based on the outcome of this call, our current action plan and next follow-up are as follows:

    •         I have created an escalation towards the issue and our Operations teams are currently working on fixing the known issue as well as looking into if this is direct case is solved.

    I will be out of the office for the next two days, so I personally cannot contact you back tomorrow, but I will contact another Support Engineer to contact out and update you on any changes on this issue.

    If you wish to add any additional details, please update the service request via the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center or contact us directly at [removed by moderator].

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

  • Ok can you give us more information about what it is you are doing and the expected outcome?

    Have you tasted a basic alert and custom workflow before trying to solve the more complex business process?


    Matthew Hughes

  • Finally after hours I get a response. Probably becouse I posted in this forum.  

  • Why doesnt your dashboard show a service problem?  At least I would have been much calmer than just being left out like a fart in the wind.  Microsoft really doesnt give a single crap about keeping customers informed of issues!!!

  • I better get a credit for SharePoint this month.  I am not willing to pay for half a service. Maybee I will send you just half a freakin check and see you try to cash that!  Well, its the same as trying to use half of SharePoint. Completely useless.

  • Office 365 is a a great product. But what a Joke the people supporting it are.  Why dont the managers step in and do there jobs and Hire people who can work on technology without breaking it?  Everytime the operations team puts thier hands on something, things get broken. Whens it going to stop?

    This is what makes cloud computing a friggin Joke Microsoft. Does the electric company shut down your electric every month? Does the Gas company only send you half a pipe of gas on a continual basis?  Does your cable TV only show on half the screen?

    This is not cloud computing!!!! This is  a stuipid server farm with a bunch of half baked engineers trying to keep it all running. NO where NEAR cloud computing.

  • Mathew, What the heck man? This is just the crap that agrivates me!!!!! Look at the darn picture. I have been managing on-premise SharePoint servers for years and come on man, what does the error say?  THE SERVER MAY NOT BE SETUP CORRECTLY TO SEND EMAIL

    Can I change that? NO I have no dam access to the server. This is a server issue.

    Further more what the heck else can I say: No emails are getting sent from SharePoint at all  Doesnt that pretty much tell you?

    I already said all workflows, alerts , anything that depends on email does not work.  INCLUDING BASIC ALERTS What the heck more information do you want.

    Here is some dam information:

    1. I am really upset

    2. You should read the entire post before asking stupid questions

    3. Dont always assume its the customers fault

    4. Check with operations before asking stupid questions

  • Service seems to be restored. Microsoft did not report any issues. I guess they wanted to keep this outage out of the public eye.

  • Hello Larry,

    This is Jason Burnside from Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Support.

    Thanks for coming to the communities with your concerns about your email issues.

    Are you still seeing any issues at this time or is your issue resolved?

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

  • This is ee and my microsoft office is down and cannot access