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List View Web Part on Public Website

  • On the home page of my public website, I want to include both a News Web Part and a gadget. Site contributors will be able to update the site by adding items to the News list.

    How can I do that? What I've found so far is on the one hand page templates that accept gadgets but not Web Parts, and on the other hand Web Part pages that accept Web Parts but not gadgets.

  • Hi Christophe,

    I understand that you prefer to include a News Web Part and a gadget on the home page of your public website.

    To insert a gadget in a public-facing webpage, follow these steps:


    1. Log on with your username and password.

    2. On the top-navigation bar in the SharePoint site, click Website.

    3. In the website, click Web Pages on the Quick Launch. And then click your homepage on the right panel.

    4. Click the Pages tab on the ribbon.

    6. In the webpage, click to locate the cursor where you want to insert the gadget.

    7. Click the Insert tab and then, in the Gadgets group, click the gadget that you want to add. If you do not see the gadget that you want, click More Gadgets.

    8. Depending on the gadget that you selected, a dialog box might appear where you can enter additional information.

    To insert Web Parts, you may open your public site with SharePoint Designer. When prompting to open with safe mode or advanced mode, please choose advanced mode. Then you may click Insert to choose Web Parts to edit on your home page. The coding may appeared on the panel.

    How are thing going? Is the problem resolved?

    Best Regards,

    Monica Tong

  • Hi Monica,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am working with Default.aspx, the default home page of the public Website.

    I have no problem with the steps 1 to 8 you describe, and can include widgets from the browser UI. But then when I open Default.aspx in SharePoint Designer (advanced mode), I get error messages: "Error rendering control" and "Error creating control". Web Part pages don't have this issue and open normally in SharePoint Designer.

  • Hi,


    I too am experiencing a similar issue without getting a good response so I've decided to jump on your thread and share what I've been shared in hopes of putting it all together to come up with the correct answer. I've pretty much got the same response that you have and I've added links to the other posts below.


    I found the following forum post Permissions bug-public sub site and it looks to be explaining a similar issue. The interesting thing is that suggests that the poster create a new service request using the following link: *edit* Removed the link to create service requests, this should be posted by Microsoft Moderators only. This may be a worth while exercise for each of us as well. It will demonstrate the popularity of this common concern.  


    Link to MSDN forum post.


    Link to Office365 post.



  • Hey there,

    Monica hit the proverbial nail on the head!  

    With regard to the user of SharePoint Designer, I'd recommend this: - Office 365 Development Guide

  • Eric, I am not sure what you're talking about.

    I asked a specific question, and Monica's reply didn't answer it.

    As far as I know, the Office 365 Development Guide doesn't provide an answer either. If you think otherwise, you're welcome to point me to the section that could help.

    Following my post, I was contacted by the Microsoft support. They spent some time on the issue, and their conclusion is that it cannot be done out of the box. So basically the usual SharePoint content management features are not available on the default home page of the public website (plan E3).

  • So I wonder what the point of being able to create SP content (lists etc) within the public web site is? If they can't actually be deployed anywhere, why bother having that feature? I've been asking this since November-can someone explain it to me?
  • What you can still do is create a Web Part page that will display SP list/library content, and make it your home page.

    You can also use AJAX techniques to pull the content from a SP list and display it on the default home page. It's just out of reach for the average user, and not a good approach if you are concerned with SEO.

    Microsoft's move to add the gadgets is a nice touch, too bad this cannot be combined with the traditional benefits of SharePoint.

  • Microsoft's move to add the gadgets is a nice touch, too bad this cannot be combined with the traditional benefits of SharePoint. 


    That's EXACTLY what they did provide in OLSB. The ability to "create" in Sharepoint on the back end and simple gadgets to deploy applications on the public web site-a form designer module and a list publisher module. Sophisticated enough to do some quite cool things, yet easy enough for anyone to use with no need for coding or Sharepoint knowledge. 

    If nothing else this was a great way to make SP accessible and more widely embraced by the average person. I would  have thought that was a major goal of 365. 

  • Christophe,

    You can enable full publishing on public site as Martin Hatch shows here:

    Although, there is some abiguity around whether this is supported.

    After having done so, you are free from the less than stellar master page and editor limitations of OOB public sites yet you can still use some gadgets like he does here:


    Still not the ideal of true sharepoint plus easy gadgets that all users will find friendly.   Shame.



  • Still having this issue. Anyone heard of a resolve?