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StyleSheet CSS code for Dummies! Post your code to help others here!

  • Ok, so apparently having to know CSS is essential to using the Office 365 Public website.


    As someone who has no experince using CSS, I have been able to scour the web and get specific information on various forums.


    Here is a list CSS code that you can use in your StyleSheet to change various parts of your site:


    /*....*/ is used to comment out text/code, use it in your stylesheet to state what your code is for, otherwize you may forget, commented out code will not execute 


    /* sets the color of hyperlinked text*/
    a{text-decoration: none; color:#2F4F4F}


    /* sets the width of all site pages*/


    /* removes the hyperlink borders around images */
    a, img{border: 0px;}


    /* changes the size fo the font of the navigation pane*/
    .MSC_PrimaryNavFrame a{font-size:17px !important;}


    /* Changes the size of the font in the contact us module */
    #ctl00_IWS_WH_CPH_Content_ContactUsControl1 td {font-size: 13px; }


    /* removes the header and footer of the twitter widget */
    .twtr-hd, .twtr-ft{display:none;}


    /* Removes the | line between navigation*/
    .MSC_PrimaryNavLeftSpace, .MSC_PrimaryNavRightSpace, .MSC_SecondaryNavLeftSpace, .MSC_SecondaryNavRightSpace{display:none;}

  • what about the code for 'visited' link colour for navigation??

  • /* sets the color of visited hyperlinked text*/

    a:visited {color: #660066;}