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Migrating office live small business to 365

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I have a small family business that was runnning completely fine in Office Live Small Business, but now I have to convert to 365. I believe I have done and can do what is needed to convert it BUT; here is my problem:


In OLSB in the web desing tool I had turned of the default design because I had written my own html code in DreamWeaver and OLSB let me input the entire HTML code into the design tool. SO, OLSB basically said, if you can design it, go for it and they let my code be the master code for the website so all I had to do was copy my htlm code from dreamweaver put it in the design window on OLSB and I got my custom website to pop up.


In 365 I can't seem to do this: I tried to put my custom code into the design tool marked html code in the web desing area of 365, but It would not load my photo's and such:


what I need to know is: can I set up a default folder to draw images out of in 365 like in OLSB? I know how to insert pictures and change headers and use the little html insert button. I have custom code already written from Dreamweaver I understand I will have to edit the folders in the code and stuff like that but I,m asking where do I upload the code to so that it effects to whole website and where do I upload images to so that my code can find them,


I guess I'm also asking how do I get Office 365 to not have all these paramiters and stuff and just be like OLSB and have a button that lets me turn off all their controls and tempaltes and input my custom webite.


Oh yeah I'm also fimilar with sharepoint so if the answer is make something in sharepoint you will have to kinda explain the just of it but I've poked around in there and i'm fimilar with web design tools


Thanks!! internet world.


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  • Hi AAnderson,

    This is Justin with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.

    Perhaps your question would benefit more from the community as SharePoint Online and Office Live are separate products and this forum is for issues regarding the SharePoint Online product.  However, product comparisons aside, I will do my best to assist.

    If the HTML gadget is not working for what you wish to accomplish, you will need to use SharePoint Designer to allow full code editing.  Please remember that custom coding solutions used with SharePoint products are outside the support scope of the technical support team.  I will provide a link below for SharePoint Designer.

    As far as the images go, the default location for these is the Images library.  This is located at <domain> by default.  You can access this and the Documents library for the public site by clicking Member Login on the default public site, or navigating to <domain>  The previous links are for a Small Business account.  Please let me know if this addresses your concerns or if you have any other questions.

    Kind Regards,

    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Hi,

    We just released a free tool today, able to migrate OLSB sites to Office 365.

    Good luck,