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MelbourneIT DNS service down

  • Just thought I'd post this important info-


    After trying to add a TXT record to my DNS records with MelbourneIT for almost a week with zero success, I've finally got to the bottom of it after a call to Australia!


    Their DNS service is down & has been for at least 6 days!


    After a VERY frustrating 6 days of constantly trying to verify my domain, hopefully this is the problem (as they assure me it is)


    Just been told (but he did say it's not a guarantee) it should be resolved in the next 6 hours.


    Here's hoping.

  • winproclean,

    That was happening to me too.  Can't seem to access MelbourneIT, but I know others were accessing MIT!  Maybe it is a regional thing!

    Really, thanks for the information.

  • Well, according to their "service status" it's been back up & running for a day & guess what?



    No response from TWO online help requests & about £20 in phone costs waiting in endless ques!!!

    I could have had a professional site built & hosted by now!

    Is this really worth it?

  • I'm glad I found this message as I have been trying the same thing and phoned them with no reply. I agree with the last message microsoft 365 has become a lot of hassle compared to officelive, if I had known all this before hand I would of just paid someone to build me a website. This will be my 4th website with microsoft and my last. WHO NEEDS ALL THIS WHEN TRYING TO RUN A BUSINESS ?

  • Hey, at last, I got an email response from the great Melbourne IT.

    At last I thought, we'll have a solution!

    Guess what the response was?

    Yep, links to the video tutorial & pages that I've watched & read over & over & over & over!!



  • Advice-

    Phone MIT between the hours of 0900 - 1700 Melbourne time.

    They will add a TXT record for you.

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