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Adding a blog to a public facing website

  • Hi All,


    I am in the process of moving my website to Office365 and so far it's been a great experience except for the ability to create a blog. I can create the blog page as a team site with no problems but having the blog as part of the public facing website is proving to be a challenge.   Anyone find a way to do this?


  • Hello

    you have to access the 'hidden' View all site content (use your public web site url and add /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx - ie

    Then you will be able to create a SUB web and choose the blog template

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  • That does indeed allow you to create a blog with anonymous. I was able to get this far but now I can't figure out how create the blog page so that it automatically inherits the styling from the public facing website and more importantly then styling is the ability to appear in the public facing website options. Any ideas?

  • Jason,

    I answered your other question about how to get the blog page included in the public site navigation, but the error messages when you attempt to edit the page in the editor suggest this is really a hack and not an intended functionality.


    I've been asking since November to resurrect the OLSB modules that permit connections between back end lists and the public pages via a preconfigured data viewer but have not gotten an answer yet. 

    Simply put what's required is:

    an additional module that allows you to select a list to connect to 

    a link to the xml within the module

    the ability to link the xml to an xsl file

    another module that creates a form to input data to lists


    Then we could create our own templates and really leverage SP.



  • Thanks for the great feedback. This does seem a little complicated to simply be able to add a blog to a public facing website. It would be great if it was one of the page options or a gadget you can add to an existing page. I'll keep digging.  I do have another thread going on the SharePoint MSDN site as well. Getting pretty much the same info there.

  • This question seems to come up again and again, I've also asked this in the BPOS transition forum. Is there somewhere you can vote for a proper blogging solution to be included in Office 365, if not at launch then as soon as possible? It seems amazing that a product released in 2011 does not have a good blogging story.

    We are resellers of BPOS and will promote Office 365 when it is released. One of the important points we make to customers is that we use BPOS ourselves to run our business. At the moment our website is a simple WordPress site. I can't port our site to Office 365, it's missing a useful blog and analytics capabilities. If I can't put our own company website on Office 365 then I can't recommend it to our customers.

    I would love to see WordPress being supported within Office 365, it is my preferred simple blogging/website platform at the moment. Maybe it could be supported within Office 365 with some widgets developed by Microsoft that would allow you to publish your intranet (SharePoint) data on your public (WordPress) site. Is there any chance of this happening? I know the Windows Live blogs were migrated to WordPress a while ago so I hold out some hope for this.

  • PLEASE - do this. Right now we are having to use links - which looks so cheesy - As they say, Hope is the Last Thing to Die!

  • I've found a few interesting options for the public facing website that I wanted to share. This may be old news to some but when I figured this out it made my life a little easier. If you check out http://www.SharePointPM.NET you will notice that I now have a SharePoint like home page and much more control of that public facing website. The website is by no means complete as it is a work in progress.

    1. Follow Benoit Hamet's suggestion on how to create a Sub site with anonymous access. Use your public web site url and add /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx and then create a sub site using the blog template

    2. Go to that newly created sub site and choose Site Actions -> Site Settings

    3. Under Site Collection Administration choose the "Go to top level site settings" option

    4. From the top level site choose "Manage site features"

    5. Activate Wiki Page Home Page

    6. Modify to your "Hearts Content" (,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador)

    If this helps anyone at all, please share your site URL. :-)

  • SPPM,

    I had done pretty much the same thing way back when but have the same problem your site has:


    categories don't inherit anonymous  access and trigger a log in, even though in theory they're part of a sub site of the public site.


    likewise comments.


    So this doen't really satisfy the request for the simple full featured blog that was possible in OLSB. To illustrate, here's an OLSB site built around a 3rd party blog app.  If it was possible in a free service like OLSB, it really should be made available in 365.


  • Thanks mch. I just noticed that about the blog. I guess the part I was trying to resolve was being able to modify the Home Page to add links in the navigation so that the menu had the sites and pages I wanted it to contain. I guess I'll be spending a little more time figuring this one out. Frustrating but fun.

  • Hi guys - I'm just beginning Office365 for my own site and without easy blogging capabilities, I will likely stick with wordpress.  I hope they deliver an out-of-the-box solution.

  • worked great for me thanks!

  • Marc,

    Same problem though-your "Libraries" link triggers this:

    Error: Access Denied

    Warning: this page is not encrypted for secure communication. User names, passwords, and any other information will be sent in clear text. For more information, contact your administrator.

    You are not a member of this site.

    So this remains a half baked solution. I see no reason why SP content created within a publicly accessible site should not also be publicly accessible.

  • so it does, damn this should be so much easier, i just wanted to replace the default website with a sharepoint based blog!

  • Just another voice to echo what's been said here...  Placing a SharePoint Blog on the public facing website feels like a no-brainer, and I'm really surprised to read it's not going to be possible.  

    That, and a web form on the public facing page that would load a SharePoint list are the two items on my wish list!!!