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Unable to display this Web Part

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Constantly recieving this error an a page on my SharePoint site.


Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists, contact your Web server administrator.

Correlation ID:2ffb92b8-4573-4cba-9cf2-c4e07c65091f

It is a custom page with a basic XsltListView Web Part. the page is still ghosted and only made some simple changes to font wieght and table shading of the top row.


When loading the page the error above appears, refresh the page sometimes 3 times, and then the webpart appears. This is getting very anoying.


Someone tell me what is cuasing this please

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  • Hi Rob,

    This is Justin with Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    Unfortunately, the use of custom web parts and solutions is outside the scope of support for the SharePoint Online team. Your question would be best suited on the MSDN forums for SharePoint. Perhaps some of the other users in this community may also have advice for your issue. I will also include some links for using custom solutions with Office 365.

    SharePoint Developer Center

    SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide

    MSDN: SharePoint Online for Office 365 Developer Guide

    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • it's not a custom webpart. As i said it XSLT List View web part and also happens with DataForm Web parts.

    Are you suggesting we can only use webparts in standard format and not add any formating at all to them? I have only shaded a row and change the font size.

    What is the current XSLT Transformation Timeout for Sharepoint Online in Office 365?

  • Have recieved this error several times in the last few days on completly standard list views, no editing at all!

  • Hello again Rob,

    Sorry there was no responses to your previous post.  How was the web part created?  Which list is this pointing to?  What columns is the web part set to retrieve?

    The XSLT list view web part can be modified and the use of SharePoint Designer and custom modification by code is outside the support scope for the SharePoint Online team.  Perhaps the community will have users that are familiar with changing the web part and the results it will have.

    Kind Regards,

    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Im having exactly the same problem,

    any updates on this topic?

  • Rob and MikeK

    The error generally appears when you have a large number of columns in your dataform\dataview or listview webpats or a heavy XSL applied to it. Try adding a webpart with few columns and no XSLT customizations.

    There is a KB for this but that does not apply to SharePoint Online

    KB -

  • Hi Rob,

    I'm having the same error with basic web parts that are limited to retrieveing 15 items. I am setting up our company site on 365 and it's really got me stumped. I'm tempted to blow the web parts away and just show the weather. Or use an out of the box web part (documents checked out to me). Very frustrating. Let me know if you figure out the fix please....

  • ATESharepointAdmin,

    Can you try adding a simple listview webpart using SharePoint designer. Make sure you do not customize XSLT and it should not contain a lot of columns

  • Hi Isha, I am ATESharepointAdmin. Thanks for your reply. The problem fixed when I deleted the web parts and re-added them with minimal customisation, as suggested. I only edited the web part properties once and the current view once and they are now very stable. Previously I had been trying different settings and tweaking things and even though there were only 5 columns and 10 records in each web part view, I suspect the many edits of the web parts was what caused the error. Anyhow, Nice clean web parts now with minimal edits are working well. Thanks!

  • I have a couple of large lists that are used to create several reports.  All of these reports are created in Sharepoint Designer.  They run correct 100% of the time if we make no edits.  As soon as we make an edit, such as formatting, or changing the wording of a column, we get the described error.  If we refresh 2 or 3 times it will run the report.  Of course we can solve the problem by not making any edits, but thats not the point!!  It does not make any sense for this not to work and I would like some acknowledgement from MS that the Office 365 version has this problem and that it is being fixed.

  • CamEns,

    This is not a new Issue .. It has always been in old and current versions of SharePoint. The main cause is the number of columns and heavy XSL

    There is a Workaround - You just have to break up the XSL to several instead of one. I mean split into various templates  (if you are familiar with XSL output)

    or try removing descriptions for the fields that you are using.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am also facing same issue for new/edit/display form pages of external list. Few of them have just four to 6 columns and have deleted top most row of save & cancel button. that's it.

    If MS support team is arguing like it is out side the scope of the support team then we are helpless and we are the guilty of MS being their customer, the helpless customer.