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Website migration

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I currently have an Office Live website and I am wondering how do I migrate to Office 365?  Next question is will all of my information with my old site transfer as well like my email account? 

Brian Nixon


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  • Hello Brian,

    We don't currently have any migration paths open for users coming from Office Live Small Business to an Office 365 account.  You can somewhat simulate this by backing up your website as a template and then bringing that template into SharePoint Online, but there's a size limit on such templates, which I believe tops out at 50mb.  As well, you'll have to do email migration to bring mail from your OLSB account into Office 365, and you have to do that prior to bringing your domain into the Office 365 environment, as removing your domain from OLSB will delete the associated mailboxes.

  • Hello Alexander,

    Using OLSM we have the option to either use default stie builder or activate "advanced edit" in which we can upload all our site files. I could not find this option at O365. I tried creating a template as suggested but it is not possible to do so.

    Any recommendation on how to upload my files, including images and css? It is a static website, only HTML pages and no concerns on size, but I want to have my own site.



  • Hello Luiz,

    In your current subscription, can you use the Save as Template feature in the Advanced Design Features to save your website as a template at all?  Or is it that you can save the template but then can't use it?  If you sign into your Office 365 SharePoint Online site, you should be able to go to the website content store and upload that template to the Templates section there.  At that point you need only create a new page using that template and it should bring thigns over.

  • Dear Alex, thanks for the prompt reply, but I think I am facing a much more basic problem, in which even navigating thru all the site settings could not find out how to solve... so here we go:

    When I log into on the top horizontal menu there is the link to the website files. Going to that tab, I can see the files on the right column in which I can open to edit with the standard templates, and on the left there is the vertical menu showing "web pages", "images", "documents" and "templates" link.

    If I go to "template" and select "pages" on the ribown all the options are gray and I cannot choose them, neither "save as template". Also, there is no file on that folder.

    Frankly speaking I could not even find the "Advanced Design Features" like it is easily available on the OLSB. So I am not sure if it is the way I set up the website or any problem of permission. I am logged as the account admin, so I do not know where the problem is.

    So, this is wher I am stucked at. Struggling to move with a simple task.

    thanks for the help.

  • Luiz,

    Using OLSB page templates as suggested won't work, 

    First, there's no option to export an stp file of a page template in OLSB. Solutions are only packaged as .olp files,.

    Second, in the 365 public web site template gallery there's no option to upload a file even if the above worked. It's just a repository for templates of 365 created pages  via the "save as template" tool in the page manager ribbon.

    Currently, very little of OLSB's functionality has been preserved in 365 unfortunately.

  • Hello mch, thanks for the feedback...

    Your point is true, however I am not willing to use any template from O365 or OLSB. I simply think they are too basic. In OLSB we have an option to use "3rd party designers" in which we can create our own webpages using specific softwares and then upload it to OLSB. It can be no-template. In O365 there is no option to upload our own HTML files, this is a downgrade as we have to use templates.

    Also, the "Edit CSS" option seems to not work properly, I am not sure if it is something on the Beta version.

    If I could, or if there is a way to upload the HTML files directly to O365, I don't need templates, and the O365 tool get much, much, much more useful.

    If there is any alternative to that, either by creating new sites and/or pages, I will be glad to learn.


  • Luiz,

    I know what you mean but in OLSB, "advanced design features" isn't the same as the  "3rd party design option".  You didn't mention the latter, so my answer was based on using the site designer tools. 

    Adding custom css, which is the major advantage of the "advanced design features" works fine-as you can see here:

    There is no equivalent to the "3rd party design option" in O365-it's one of the many disabled features of OLSB, You can try using Sharepoint Designer, but I haven't found this to work very well.