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Enable Access Services

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I am trying to publish from Access 2010 and think I have the URL set correctly


but I just keep getting the message

.. di not respond. Either the server does not exist, Microsoft Access Services are not enabled on the server or the server is using an older version of Microsoft Access services that is not compatible with Access 2010


I guess it must be Microsoft Access Services are not enabled but I dont know how to enable them. Any suggestions please. I did see the post on Web Services and have set that to automatic



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  • Hi Judith,

    You need to use https.....

    Another trick that i found worked was to upload a document to the site in Sharepoint that you are going to use and then copy the URl... in  the browser.

    So you will get the general form  like:    

    You can then as the url and "Home " as the site name..

    I know very little.......:) but this did seem to work.

  • Thanks for that, it gets a bit further now but I get the error

    An error occured while initializing the Access Services database

    Can you suggest anything else please. I used Home.aspx

    and loads of other combinations


  • Hi all,

    it becomes very interesting that different users from different countries with the same P1 plan have or don't have a possibility to publish Access Web Databases to Office 365 site.


    So, if it is possible, dear Office 365 team, could you, please, list countries which support Access Services on P1 plan at this moment? Or maybe some other related comments.

  • Yes I remember this error,  have you run compatability checker on  the Access database? I assume that you are using Access 2010?    On my installation there were no errors  on the compatability page of  the client database but many errors when it failed to load into Access Services.  A couple of things that I did were to upgrade my office programs using windows office upgrade  and to ensure that I did not have any overly complex queries in the database.  It then loaded..... yeah

  • Yes I ran the compatibility check and yes I am using 2010 as this is the version with web elements. I even tried to load up a sample database from the Microsoft 2010 Inside Out book so I dont think it is my database. But it may be some Office 365 settings that I am not aware of.

    Any suggestions please as I would really like to try this feature out and use it


  • Just a further thought. I am running 64 bit Office 2010 and Windows 7 software but I also have multiple versions of Office loaded. Do you think this may be causing a conflict?

  • Hi Judith, any luck with the installation?   I assume that you are running the Enterprise 3 Beta because the lower plans do not offer Access Services.  Another thing that I would  try is to create a new database of one table and and attempt to publish it , just to make sure that the problem is  not unknown complexities in table relationships and so forth on your actual database. Just because the compatability check  gives it a clean score is not a guarantee.  The other question is whether you have implemented the Office Professional upgrade yet because that may improve the odds of success ... have fun....:)
  • ryoan-ji wrote:

    "because the lower plans do not offer Access Services"

    No, you are wrong. I have a successful experience of publishing Access Web Database to my Office 365 site at P1 plan. It seems that feature is country-dependent.

  • I am still having no sucess here. It just seems like my site does not have access services enabled but i dont know why as I think it should be. I know it is not my database as I have tried several simple tests and other samples.

    Any suggestions please Microsoft as I really need to make a decision on whether to go down this road or not

    Thanks for your help guys

  • Ah I had not thought of that possibility. Maybe opening pdf's is also country-dependent....... :)  Can you open a pdf doc in a list? ... i will not pursue the thread...

  • Incidentally Judith,  before you publish make sure that you have an up-to- date copy . Once you publish it is difficult to  reverse and even if you import the objects back into a blank database you have bits of Sharepoint sticking to it .... you also seem to lose all the neat relationship diagrams that were once there ......:)

  • Hello,

    If you have ran the "Compatibility Checker" and follow the instructions listed in the URL link provided  then followed instructions listed here: to publish your database to the web but are still receiving an error; please submit a service request through your Admin Portal ( ) so this issue can be addressed further

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  • I can confirm that Access Services is not country specific, it is a capability within any plan within SharePoint Online, be it within the Office 365 for small businesses or Office 365 for enterprises. As long as you are using Access 2010 and valifated that all forms, tables, etc in Access 2010 are web-ready (you can tell by the world icon next to the elements pre-publishing). You should be able to use http:// and use the structure like this: as the server name, name your page and click "Publish" .. I just performed a successful Access 2010 publish using Access Services in my Office 365 for small businesses tenancy. Pleas do submit a support request if this continues so we can determine is something is happeniung to the farm you are on.