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When will the plan P1 user be able to publish lists and forms on public facing website?

  • Please can somebody confirm when can P1 users migrating from OLSB be able to publish lists and forms on the public facing website. This is critical to us and will decide if we have to stay with Microsoft or move away.

    Please give us dates or some form of indication. This is urgent as the deadline is fast approaching

  • I have never seen a statement from Microsoft that they have any plans to add these features, and even if they do, you will not get a date untill maybe the week before. Microsoft does releases based on they are ready, not we have a date to make.

    I too would like to see both of these added to make it easier, but for now just I just do it all the long way.

  • Hi Ashtom1,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    Unfortunately I fully agree with what Robert Edwards posted, publishing is not available on a SharePoint Online for Office 365 Professionals Small Business plan.  I could not find a quote from the Professionals plan service description to support this, but I did capture this screen shot from the Enterprise service description.


    I would also like to offer you a link to a community forums post where this topic was discussed in detail.  To review that link click here.

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional posts or questions.

  • OLSB had the solution. Then why can't Office 365 have the same solution. Does Microsoft treats it support team same as their customers by not sharing any roadmaps or release plans? Its painful but Microsoft is actually forcing small companies to look for alternatives like Google.

  • I completely agree with ashtom1's comments as a small business we are now looking for alternative solutions. Having the ability to publish custom lists was a critical aspect of our public facing website. So let's break this down, the FREE OLSB had the functionality, and now the BILLABLE replacement Office 365 is neutered - Thanks MS, Hello Google